Spong - Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Multiplayer Madness

Spong - Just another annual update on the same old tired first-person war shooter? Don’t be so hasty to judge just yet - Activision and Treyarch have been putting a lot of work in on the Call of Duty multiplayer experience with Black Ops II, and at a recent press event the studio showcased a number of new features and details that will aim to excite core CoD fans and pique the curiosity of everyone else.

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Cam9771887d ago

The Call of Duty games bore me now, I'm a BF player now!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1887d ago

So then why are you in this news thread? To let everyone know you're a BF player now?

Is this where the kids would say... Cool story bro?

Cam9771887d ago

Indeed. I thought it would be necessary to tell everyone interested in this article.

XB1_PS41887d ago

@cam I'm quite interested in this article. However, your comment is irrelelevant to me. Just to let you know next time you see a COD article. :)

3-4-51887d ago

At least you found a game you like and just didn't quit gaming.

I think you, and many others will find that this Black Ops2 is by far the best COD yet. There are too many options for me to get bored with the game like I was after 3 days with MW3.

I played MW3 like 20 hours in 4 days......Then I would just play it like 45 min here and there.

Something about it just didn't have that addictive feeling about it like the other COD's.

Black Ops 2 is going to bring back some of the people that MW3 pushed away. Damn you IW.

HammadTheBeast1887d ago

I'm probably getting Black Tops 2. If it,s not a good game, at least I can share some lulz with friends, as almost everyone buys it.

dkgshiz1887d ago

If people still enjoy these games thats fine with me. I however totally lost interest in the series the second MW2 came out. I haven't played a COD game in about 3+ years now.

seanpitt231887d ago

The mp side bores me that's why I didn't buy mw3 but I have just preordered blackops2 hardened edition because of one thing the zombies.................

FarCryLover1821887d ago

Cant go wrong with zombies in Treyarch COD's. One of the best co-op modes around.

ScarzFX1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Dont lie to yourself, you know youll play the multiplayer, along with all the other people using zombies as an excuse to get the game. Why preorder the more expensive edition of the game if youre only buying in for 1 mode?

XB1_PS41887d ago

Haha, I'm not afraid to admit that I love COD multiplayer. Most hours I put into any game would be COD. Followed by Gears of war 1.. I just say let em hate. :)

seanpitt231887d ago

No I will play multiplayer for a bit but the only reason iam buying it is for zombies and the reason iam getting the hardened edition is you get one more zombie map.

FarCryLover1821887d ago

I am going to buy this. I don't buy COD every year and I havent bought a new one since MW2. It will still feel kinda "fresh" in a way to me.

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