Critiquing Dishonored: Worst complaints, but unplayable confuses

IE writes: A number of gamers have been critiquing Dishonored and in their list of worst complaints suggest that the game is unplayable, but we find this very hard to believe. Okay, we’re sure that there are a number of minor issues with the game, but none so major as to make it unplayable, unless you have something to share with us?

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gcolley2078d ago

unplayable for me without southpaw support. amateurs.

camel_toad2078d ago

Boohoo I'm deformed. Kidding. =) This game is worth becoming ambidextrous.

gedapeleda2078d ago

It didn't felt like it needed something more.
Just completed it yesterday with low chaos.

camel_toad2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I'm working on no-kills, low chaos, and ghost 'n I'm loving it - even though I'm still only in the 2nd real mission. This game does cater to my ocd-ness though with the very rewarding exploration so I have to give it bonuses for that alone.

2077d ago