Capcom Already Planning Remember Me Sequels

Dealspwn writes: Despite Remember Me not even having a firm release date, it would seem Capcom are already planning to turn the game into a series. The new IP was revealed at Gamescom and has impressed us ever since with a series of gameplay videos showing combo editors, brawling and some seriously slick sci-fi locations.

At the end of the day, new IPs are risky ventures and it’s not really surprising that Capcom aren’t planning a one-off title.

In a recent interview published in MCV magazine (Issue 708), Capcom’s Michael Pattison said...

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dedicatedtogamers1922d ago

Remember Me Super Edition in early 2013
Remember Me "Memory" Edition in late 2013
Remember Me Ultimate Edition in early 2014
Remember Me Director's Cut in late 2014

And then Remember Me 2 in 2015.

/official leaked schedule from CAPCOM headquarters

Kratoscar20081922d ago

This is most likely, i would be surprised if it were otherwise.

Laxman1922d ago

Then you're really in for a shock!

mamotte1922d ago

Dont be so mean with Capcom. Maybe they'll just divide the actual game in parts, save'em in a hard drive and sell it later as different games.

vortis1922d ago

Heck, the sequel might be stored on the disc with the first game and you can pay to unlock it at a later date.

zerocrossing1922d ago

I don't see this game catching on tbs

IG-881922d ago

as long as the first one is good and sell well then it is a good move for them. i hope they can pull this off because it looks like it would be a game i would live to play

baldulf1922d ago

And DLC, tons and tons of DLC.

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