More Street Fighter 4 Gameplay Details, Artwork

Shacknews Reports: number of character descriptions were unveiled along with the art--we have provided these insightful and often humorous statements underneath each image.

As for the details of the new gameplay mechanics--Focus Attacks, Ultra Combos--and teases of other things to come, that information follows:

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sonarus3784d ago

streetfighter better have some killer gameplay cus the visuals are quite unnatractive

PlayStation3603783d ago

I kinda like it. Sure, it is different compared to Street fighter of the old, but it's not bad. Just different. :)

Mr_Kuwabara3784d ago

OFF-TOPIC - The only bad thing about Capcom is that they always spoil there new upcoming games with a bunch of info. They should tone it down a bit seriously. First this game was mysterious and now everybody knows a bunch of info about it.

HardcoreGamer3784d ago

every street fighter game is good, except for street fighter jam, oh man thats a waste of money

Bnet3433784d ago

Street Fighter EX series sucks balls too.

PlayStation3603783d ago

Street fighter Ex wasn't made by Capcom, so I guess we can ignore it. :P

akaFullMetal3784d ago

actually looking very good, with the counter system like third strike then im going to be in love with this game.

meepmoopmeep3784d ago

i'm starting to like how it's coming along... and i agree with 1.0 i don't like to know too much about the games i'm excited about.

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