Blonde Twins Playing Final Fantasy Music On Harps While Standing Next To A Lighthouse

Brought to you by Camille and Kennerly, the folks who gave us Blonde Twins Playing The Elder Scrolls Theme On Harps While Standing In A Forest and Blonde Twins Playing A Metallica Cover On Harps While Standing In The Desert.

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knifefight1890d ago

Destination: 800-degrees and front-page of N4G.

Snookies121890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

All I can think about is motorboating... I mean, did you see that nice boat in the background? Lol

On a serious note, that was actually pretty well done. I applaud them for that.

smashman981889d ago

This just reminded me how much I love ffx square hurry up on the remaster

shammgod1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

@smashman98 I wish I could agree and bubble this 10 times

CrimsonessCross1889d ago

I want to play Final Fantasy X again now... :)
All I need to do is boot up the emulator aaand...

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