Naruto Storm 3 - Hanzo’s Ultimate Jutsu Video

The former Hidden Rain Village leader summons his salamander Ibuse who shoots a cloud of poison smoke.

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tayz1830d ago

i wasn't impressed by his jutsu but Hanzo's ultimate jutsu was too Ultimate!!!

Snookies121830d ago

Lol at the reactions when he used it.

tayz1830d ago

lol those are all valid reactions! i squealed too it was sooo good!! i wonder what everybody will say if madara is in the game and they show his ultimate!!!

Snookies121830d ago

Madara's ultimate should just insta-win the match. I mean, it's not like anything could stand up to it lol!

Yes though, I agree the reactions were valid. Hanzo's ultimate was pretty badass. Though I expected it to be, he's always been one of those really awesome characters in the Narutoverse.

WeskerChildReborned1829d ago

Ik that would be awesome! I'm hoping most characters get awesome ultimates.

BigDollarZoe9541828d ago

Nice move theses guys sound like they caught orgasms lol i preferred the ultimate how it was in ultimate storm 1 button commands least you had a chance