Backhanded Box Quotes: We Found Someone Who Doesn’t Like Dishonored

Kotaku - The Metacritic 90. Rare upland territory. Dishonored hit it (on PC) and XCOM: Enemy Unknown fell tantalizingly short, 89 (same platform). You'd think that no one has anything subtstantially bad to say about either. You'd be wrong.

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Chuk52046d ago

Personally, I feel this game is being a little romanticized. Having played it for about 10 hours, I just don't see the depth some claimed. I don't feel there are enough tools in the sandbox. I mean, the game definetely wants you to play stealthily.

There's a solid combat system, but it's really a contingency plan, not the true way the expect you to play. And that's what baffles me, for all the weapon upgrades that seem to want you to go into straight combat, why aren't their more stealth buffs? And there are only 6 base magical tools, which don't change substantially to give you a new tier of combinational possibilities. It doesn't feel as deep as deus ex in that way, (there are more ways to complete missions tho)

That and you don't truly know when your in stealth. Sure there's "stealth mode" but it's more or less just crouching, it's not like splinter cell where you know you're truly in stealth from the enemy or even mark of the ninja which used clear visual clues. I mean clear not a few bolts on the head.

And then there's the simply fact, that it's not as distinctive as everyone is making it out to be. It definetly feels like it's borrowed from good sources, but I don't think the final identity coalesces into something original.

People are calling it a breath of fresh air. I can see that, but is it really? a deus ex game came out last year.
This is coming from someone who was legitimately excited about this game. I'm not even trying to hate just for the sake of it.

HammadTheBeast2046d ago

It's an amazingly well made game, there's lots of different play styles and opportunities and ways to play the game. Deus Ex is a bit different, I'd compare it to Bioshock. The game isn't meant to change everything. It does things great, has its own personality and feel, and brings something new to the industry. I'd think that's enough to make it a good game.

Chuk52046d ago

THe only bioshock like thing I saw in the game, was the mana/health bars and dual wielding weapons, and the world building. Dunwall is really awesome, but the core game play wasn't as impressive as i thought it would be.

starchild2046d ago

I can't really agree with you. It is one of the best games I have played in some time. The only disappointment for me is the lack of graphical options in the PC version. The anti-aliasing doesn't work very well and there are too few graphical options for a PC game. Otherwise it does feel pretty fresh to me.

fermcr2046d ago

I've played for about 5 hours... it's a good game, but not a great game.

Certainly not my GOTY but nevertheless still a good game.

ChunkyLover532046d ago

I've heard quite a few people say the game isn't great, I think it all depends on personal taste and opinion. Certainly I wouldn't let someone else opinion affect how I feel about a game or even if I'd buy a game.

lastdual2046d ago

Dishonored is like a fine Belgian ale brewed seasonally by Trappist monks who have honed their art over centuries.

But yeah, there will always be that guy who prefers Bud Light.

Sucitta2046d ago

well said, well said..

Summons752046d ago

I know quite a few people who don't like this game. I knew it was crap from the first gameplay showing. It's a poor bioshock ripoff with a bland and flat art style and a claim it is a stealth game when really the ai is extremely stupid if you can walk up in board daylight stab a guard in the face a walk away while another guard keeps talking like the guy is still alive. It was a good concept that had potential but the devs failed big time

Chuk52046d ago

It's not a failure. Far from it. IMO it just didn't live up to the promises I felt Arkane was making. Which were pretty lofty but that's just me. Objectively, I think it's hard to deny that it's a quality game, even if it's disappointing in some ways.

xPhearR3dx2046d ago

How is it a poor Bioshock rip off when Arkane worked on Bioshock?

Summons752046d ago

Cause it wants to bioshock by it fails to even duplicate its art style, poor ripoff

xPhearR3dx2046d ago

Oh so you're saying a game made by the same developers have similar aspects. Oh gee, who would have thought that wouldn't happen? You can't rip off something you helped create.

MasterD9192046d ago

Whether or not SOME people like it, it's nice to know a new IP is being generally received well. I personally think that some reviews have been far too gracious as within the first two days it was coming off like this was the holy grail of stealth and power-usage games...

I'm not a fan of the art-style, but I can appreciate virtually everything else.

floetry1012046d ago

I think it's important to give any new IP its dues, especially when it turns out as good as Dishonored. The game is far from perfect, no doubt. I think the soundtrack could be better, the controls a little tighter, the AI smarter, and the story more involved etc. but I don't think it detracts from the core of the game, which is excellent.

Consider the fact that this game doesn't even have a map, that's a developer that has confidence in its own level design, and the level design here is exemplary. There are a multitude of ways to tackle any mission, who doesn't like that? It means if you want to play a certain way, you can. Simple in theory, but tough to implement. A game that is gratifying for both its action elements and stealth gets my seal of approval.

Yes, it draws inspiration from some big titles. Bioshock, Deus Ex, Assassin's Creed and Half-Life 2 to name a few. Does that inherently make it bad or stale? Hell no. Is it a promising IP that can be further refined and improved? I think so. What I've gotten from it already is more than I could have hoped for leading up to its release. Without a doubt, it's the sleeper hit for the year.

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