Key Halo, Battlefield Designers Found Tyrant Studios

If you have fond memories of the action game Oni, or Halo: Combat Evolved's multiplayer you owe Hardy LeBel much thanks. He served as lead designer for Bungie's Oni from 2001 and also led multiplayer design for the original Halo. He also served as a design consultant for Halo 2.

Now LeBel, along with Anders Hejdenberg, have formed Seattle's Tyrant Studios, where LeBel will be serving as executive producer and Hejdenberg will be lead designer.

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Nodoze3540d ago

I don't know if I would be highlighting Oni as a distinguishing reference piece of work. That game was HORRID.

poopface13540d ago

I really wanted oni when I first got my ps2. I rented it and knew it was a mistake after about 3 min.