Rumor: Halo 4 Disc 1 Leaked on Torrent Sites

"Earlier this week someone posted proof they had a copy Halo 4, but now it seems the game is finding it's way to torrent sites." - JPS


Disc 2 has now been uploaded and several users have confirmed the leak is actually for Halo 4.

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admiralvic1885d ago

Thats a real shame if true.

WetN00dle691885d ago

UNFORTUNATELY it is true. I can confirm this myself.

cl19831885d ago

Hopefully Microsoft gets this guy.

PonyMadeFromTacos1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I can see torrents of Halo 4 too, this shouldn't even be labeled as a rumor.

Oh and there are already gameplay videos on youtube.

sticky doja1885d ago

Both discs are online now. I just checked usenet.

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grifter0241885d ago


They say the servers are overloaded already with people playing online early and a few people have been console/profile banned due to playing early.

If they are stupid enough to play early (pirating is your own business and moral dilemma) they are beginning to ban people.

guitarded771884d ago


That's what I said when this was more rumor than fact... It's hardly worth getting an account ban, or even worse, someone losing their job over this. I don't know what type of civil charges can be had, but I'd hate to think about going up against MS in court. I'm sure their legal team would take what possessions I do have. Fear of that is enough to make me wait.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1885d ago

Looks way better than Reach.
I thought that game was dull.
Will be picking this one up though!

FarCryLover1821885d ago

It was definitely disappointing after my hopes were so high. It just felt weird, a meh campaign with characters I did not care for. Multiplayer had bad maps, but gun balance, imbalanced AA's.

FarCryLover1821885d ago

I'm talking about Reach, not Halo 4...

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Perjoss1885d ago

I'll be paying for my copy, lots of people worked very hard to make this game and to be honest it looks absolutely fantastic.

Shadonic1885d ago

wow someone disagreed with you guess those people dont know how hard and long people actully have to work on these titles guess there knowledge ofgameing goes as far as stealing the finished product.

Perjoss1885d ago

@ Shadonic

Don't worry about it, its normal. There are many people here that would rather the 360 not have any good exclusives. Sadly for them Halo 4 is not the only good 360 exclusive coming soon, Forza Horizon is also getting fantastic review scores.

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Knight_Crawler1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Has anyone stopped to think that this is actually good for MS? This means more modded 360's which means that MS will bring out there annual ban hammer and people will have to buy new 360's and Live cards to play online...MS is probably hoping Blck Ops 2 get leaked as well so they can ban more people.

For all we know MS PROBABLY leaked this game intentionally...think about it 90% of Halo player play Halo for the online experiance and if you log on to Live with a modded 360 your going to have a bad time.

DarkHeroZX1885d ago

that may not work in their favor this time. Now with the ps3 at a more competitive price and the wii U coming soon the last thing they'd wanna do is lose customers to the competition. I know if I got my console banned and my yearly membership of xbl locked I'd switch over to Sony or Nintendo because at least that way I wouldn't have to pay for online.

NonApplicable1884d ago


I guarantee a large majority of banned Xbox users eventually buy a new Xbox.

NonApplicable1884d ago

Spoiler: Cortana turns out to be evil.

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yewles11885d ago

Damn... he just couldn't sit still and enjoy what he had, he just HAAAD to share his experience with everyone... the wrong way.

Knight_Crawler1885d ago

Master Chief dies................... allot of times before you pass the game but the good news is that you can replay the mission as many times as you want :)

DryPancake1885d ago

Why would they kill off a character they've been building for four games only to kill him off at the BEGINNING of a trilogy?

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Walker1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

A month before release every Halo is leaked always, So is not surprising .

Hellsvacancy1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I take you it you have trouble reading "Halo 4 Disc 1 Leaked on TORRENT Sites"

Your link is just some dude who has an actual hard copy of Halo 4, now everybody can get it

On topic I dont see this as "bad" news, all 360 games hit torrent sites before the street date, It doesnt matter, Halo 4 will still sell 8 million, atleast

ALLWRONG1885d ago

You shouldn't be a Contributor. You prove how fail N4G's system really is.

ChunkyLover531885d ago

I will just do a blackout like I have done with other leaked games. No spoilers for me, I will experience the game like I was supposed to.

aviator1891885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Honestly, I don't understand as to why you've received so many disagrees for your statement. :/
Is wanting to play the game without having to experience any pre-launch spoilers wrong?

Shadonic1885d ago

exactly !!! like Why would you disagree with that? and these are the same people who whine about spoilers.

Qrphe1885d ago

Same, I won't let this leak affect me at all and shouldn't affect any of you either.

The amount of soft/hardmodded 360s compared to the amount of non-hacked one is ridiculously small so sales will not be affected much because people are playing the game instead of buying it it can be assured.
(Case is different for those that may spoiler themselves, not like what they see, and decide not to buy the game at launch)

AngelicIceDiamond1885d ago

I think Trolls are involved in your disagrees. This is one of the biggest games to get released and they'll appreciate any sort of drawback with the game including spoilers.

I'm with you, Imma have to avoid some parts of the internet now that a select few people have this game.

Imalwaysright1885d ago

True if youre a Halo fan is better to avoid N4g or any other gaming related website. Ive already had 2 or 3 games spoiled because of useless fanboys wich really pissed me off and those games were spoiled on threads that didnt had anything to do with those games so its better to avoid the internet altoguether.

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