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Rumor: Halo 4 Disc 1 Leaked on Torrent Sites

"Earlier this week someone posted proof they had a copy Halo 4, but now it seems the game is finding it's way to torrent sites." - JPS (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

Update Disc 2 has now been uploaded and several users have confirmed the leak is actually for Halo 4.

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admiralvic  +   872d ago
Thats a real shame if true.
WetN00dle69  +   872d ago
UNFORTUNATELY it is true. I can confirm this myself.
cl1983  +   872d ago
Hopefully Microsoft gets this guy.
PonyMadeFromTacos  +   872d ago
I can see torrents of Halo 4 too, this shouldn't even be labeled as a rumor.

Oh and there are already gameplay videos on youtube.

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sticky doja  +   872d ago
Both discs are online now. I just checked usenet.
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grifter024  +   871d ago

They say the servers are overloaded already with people playing online early and a few people have been console/profile banned due to playing early.

If they are stupid enough to play early (pirating is your own business and moral dilemma) they are beginning to ban people.
guitarded77  +   871d ago

That's what I said when this was more rumor than fact... It's hardly worth getting an account ban, or even worse, someone losing their job over this. I don't know what type of civil charges can be had, but I'd hate to think about going up against MS in court. I'm sure their legal team would take what possessions I do have. Fear of that is enough to make me wait.
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   872d ago
Looks way better than Reach.
I thought that game was dull.
Will be picking this one up though!
FarCryLover182  +   871d ago
It was definitely disappointing after my hopes were so high. It just felt weird, a meh campaign with characters I did not care for. Multiplayer had bad maps, but gun balance, imbalanced AA's.
FarCryLover182  +   871d ago
I'm talking about Reach, not Halo 4...
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Perjoss  +   872d ago
I'll be paying for my copy, lots of people worked very hard to make this game and to be honest it looks absolutely fantastic.
Shadonic  +   872d ago
wow someone disagreed with you guess those people dont know how hard and long people actully have to work on these titles guess there knowledge ofgameing goes as far as stealing the finished product.
Perjoss  +   872d ago
@ Shadonic

Don't worry about it, its normal. There are many people here that would rather the 360 not have any good exclusives. Sadly for them Halo 4 is not the only good 360 exclusive coming soon, Forza Horizon is also getting fantastic review scores.
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Knight_Crawler  +   872d ago
Has anyone stopped to think that this is actually good for MS? This means more modded 360's which means that MS will bring out there annual ban hammer and people will have to buy new 360's and Live cards to play online...MS is probably hoping Blck Ops 2 get leaked as well so they can ban more people.

For all we know MS PROBABLY leaked this game intentionally...think about it 90% of Halo player play Halo for the online experiance and if you log on to Live with a modded 360 your going to have a bad time.
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DarkHeroZX  +   871d ago
that may not work in their favor this time. Now with the ps3 at a more competitive price and the wii U coming soon the last thing they'd wanna do is lose customers to the competition. I know if I got my console banned and my yearly membership of xbl locked I'd switch over to Sony or Nintendo because at least that way I wouldn't have to pay for online.
NonApplicable  +   871d ago

I guarantee a large majority of banned Xbox users eventually buy a new Xbox.
NonApplicable  +   871d ago
Spoiler: Cortana turns out to be evil.
yewles1  +   872d ago
Damn... he just couldn't sit still and enjoy what he had, he just HAAAD to share his experience with everyone... the wrong way.
Knight_Crawler  +   872d ago
Master Chief dies................... allot of times before you pass the game but the good news is that you can replay the mission as many times as you want :)
DryPancake  +   872d ago
Why would they kill off a character they've been building for four games only to kill him off at the BEGINNING of a trilogy?
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Walker  +   872d ago
A month before release every Halo is leaked always, So is not surprising .
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Hellsvacancy  +   872d ago
I take you it you have trouble reading "Halo 4 Disc 1 Leaked on TORRENT Sites"

Your link is just some dude who has an actual hard copy of Halo 4, now everybody can get it

On topic I dont see this as "bad" news, all 360 games hit torrent sites before the street date, It doesnt matter, Halo 4 will still sell 8 million, atleast
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ALLWRONG  +   872d ago
You shouldn't be a Contributor. You prove how fail N4G's system really is.
ChunkyLover53  +   872d ago
I will just do a blackout like I have done with other leaked games. No spoilers for me, I will experience the game like I was supposed to.
aviator189  +   872d ago
Honestly, I don't understand as to why you've received so many disagrees for your statement. :/
Is wanting to play the game without having to experience any pre-launch spoilers wrong?
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Shadonic  +   872d ago
exactly !!! like Why would you disagree with that? and these are the same people who whine about spoilers.
Qrphe  +   871d ago
Same, I won't let this leak affect me at all and shouldn't affect any of you either.

The amount of soft/hardmodded 360s compared to the amount of non-hacked one is ridiculously small so sales will not be affected much because people are playing the game instead of buying it it can be assured.
(Case is different for those that may spoiler themselves, not like what they see, and decide not to buy the game at launch)
AngelicIceDiamond  +   871d ago
I think Trolls are involved in your disagrees. This is one of the biggest games to get released and they'll appreciate any sort of drawback with the game including spoilers.

I'm with you, Imma have to avoid some parts of the internet now that a select few people have this game.
Imalwaysright  +   871d ago
True if youre a Halo fan is better to avoid N4g or any other gaming related website. Ive already had 2 or 3 games spoiled because of useless fanboys wich really pissed me off and those games were spoiled on threads that didnt had anything to do with those games so its better to avoid the internet altoguether.
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EffectO  +   872d ago
Yup,the cat is out of bag.Looks amazing,btw
Old McGroin  +   872d ago
Saw this on a few torrent sites and the majority of comments are along the lines of "if I play this offline will I get banned?". If your main concern is getting banned then don't pirate the damn game!

Looks to be pretty good though! Looking forward to seeing how it feels to play under a different developer.
admiralvic  +   872d ago
I saw the same thing when I was writing it, so I put it up as a rumor.
Qrphe  +   871d ago
You can't get banned if you play on an offline hacked 360. This may only happen if you do decide to get on Live.
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BX81  +   872d ago
Why some people just can't wait baffles me. Some devs put a lot of work into games, trying to achieve a great game for players. The way you say thank you is by spending the money to buy the game and put money in the devs pocket, not by stealing!
3GenGames  +   872d ago
Maybe they want to make sure it's not another reach. Crap game, no maps, DLC-ruined POS. And if it is like reach content-wise with lots of it being planned to be filled out that way, I hope everyone pirates it. $60+maybe $10 for a tiny bit of extra content is fine, but when you include half a game for $60 and DLC out all the extra content, that's CRAP.
theEx1Le  +   872d ago
Justifying piracy, lame.
3GenGames  +   872d ago
You know it's right when somebody like me who makes games says to do it if the game/policies are crap. Moral of the story? Don't rip people off. :P
Jazz4108  +   871d ago
I guess people dont realize that they could do not just jail time for tbis but face a serious fine and it would not be that hard for ms to shut down these torrents and prosecute in the name of keeping gaming fair and true.
ShaunCameron  +   871d ago
That still doesn't justify piracy. If you don't like MS's policies or products, then go find another company whose products and policies you think are better. MS doesn't owe anybody anything.
Outsider-G  +   872d ago
With a big game like this, it was bound to happen. Same will happen with Black Ops 2.
jay2  +   872d ago
No surprises there then,I'm guessing 100,000+ more sado's will steal this and not buy it :(.
jjb1981  +   872d ago
What a rip off of a great intellectual property. 343 deserves every penny they work for. These pirates are bastards
BlaqMagiq24  +   872d ago
The people that disagreed with you are probably the people who pirated the game.
Gamer1982  +   871d ago
Bungie deserves the money 343 don't deserve a penny. They never invented the IP neither did MS. MS just bought it as they cannot think of anything themselves they just rip off or buy everybody elses ideas. Bungie would have probably took Halo multi-platform so MS bought the IP for silly money.
ramiuk1  +   872d ago
i used to play copied games and then buy the decent ones.
for last 2 years i been fully legit,this leaked video has just got me to preorder the game though,
looks awesome
NYC_Gamer  +   872d ago
I'm not surprised huge games always leak early...I don't support piracy but it has been around for ages on consoles and PC..In the PS1 era i remember Chinatown(NYC)used to sell copies for like 10 bucks and had every game a person wanted..My friend even did it on SNES with Game Doctor he got tons of games dumped on floppy disk.
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manchesterman22  +   872d ago
i think M$ are doing this to catch people out if they are stupid enough to play it with an online account, i mean come ON new terms and conditions followed by a so called LEAK of halo 4?!?!?! im guessing they are trying to catch people out and ban them
Old McGroin  +   872d ago
I have thought what you just said before but I can't see how M$ would gain by banning Gold members who pay M$ cash to play online.

It's the same thing every year, a big game release followed by a leak about 1 month before the official release of said big game followed by a ban wave.

Actually, when M$ ban you, is it the console that is banned or just the profile? If it's the console then it could be a sneaky way of inflating console sales! And just before the holiday season as well. Hmmm.

Actually, now that I think about it I'm fully in agreement with you. Every year, just before the holiday season, "leak" a big game, ban thousands of players. If the console is banned then the player will need to buy a new console to play all the new releases for Christmas. If the profile is banned then the player will need to create a new profile and pay for a Gold account again to play the new releases for Christmas. Those crafty devils!
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manchesterman22  +   872d ago
its the console that gets stopped from connecting to live mate, normally profiles remain in tact and they dont even corrupt the save files like they used to, in my honest opinion its all about No1 christmas sales for consoles.............does no one ever wonder why its always the xbox
pettson3816  +   872d ago
Too bad it leaked, but at least we can see that this game is a beast graphically.
WetN00dle69  +   872d ago
The game looks freaking amazing. FINALLY!!!!! lol
MxRBrobaFett  +   872d ago
Xbox 720 will have a program in it that will detect if you're playing a pirated game and start itself on fire and burn your house down
shivvy24  +   872d ago
No , it will blow up your house first then rape your neighbours cat!
MxRBrobaFett  +   872d ago
No my right car tire already raped my neighbors cat lol
shivvy24  +   872d ago
Very unfortunate but no surprise !
Gamer1982  +   871d ago
Nope and this is partly why 360 sells so high as a lot of 360 gamers get there games for free. If games were cheaper though piracy would be a non issue.
ninjagoat   872d ago | Trolling | show
Rageanitus  +   872d ago
I have higher hopes for this game... IMO i did not really enjoy the first 3. I am hoping it will be a total change in mechanics since its created by a different studio
aviator189  +   872d ago
Total change in mechanics??
Now, if they did that, it really wouldn't be the Halo game fans have come to love and enjoy over the past decade, would it?

Don't expect that, because 343 industries is just as determined to pump new changes into the mix while maintaining the decade-old and established core of the franchise.
josephayal  +   872d ago
Take my money
nofallouthero  +   872d ago
and people say its easier to pirate pc games -_-
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   872d ago
It is...
nofallouthero  +   872d ago
there both easy to do, im just mad that that's the only defense that console players have as to why console are better than pcs
PinkPartyPony  +   871d ago
1: Take apart Xbox (special screwdrivers are needed)
2: Figure out the brand of Mobo and Disk Dive to see if you can even do the process needed to play priated games
3: Flash DVD Drive (Which is more WAY complicated than it sounds and you need a PC to do this)
4: Burn game to Expensive Disks
5:Live with never playing Online again or being in permanent far of banning

5:Legit online games and Pirated games can co-exist
Gamer1982  +   871d ago
Heh once your 360 flashed though you can play games with no modding or everything you dont have to do anything to your games. With every PC game it needs to be cracked. No ordinary person can remove protection cracking groups have to do that. It's even got to the point now that anti-piracy groups have stopped pirate games leaking on PC before launch of games. Unlike consoles. So I would say PC games are harder to crack as you dont just burn and play.
Shadonic  +   872d ago
Mocat  +   872d ago
Why do you care?
EffectO  +   872d ago
Interesting how leaks are always about 360 games,never about PS3.Piracy scene is pretty big on PS3 these days.
admiralvic  +   872d ago
I've seen a few ps3 games, but they're xbox for a number of reasons.

Typically smaller games
Typically more popular games
Easier for pirate
Bigger community
Information to leak the stuff is more widely available

it's really the same reason why Mac is virtually without virus software. Who wants to make a program that can only work on 1% of the total market when you can make one that works on 99%?
leonlion  +   871d ago
piracy is not big on ps3 you clown.

pretty much every xbox is hackable in one way or another.
#23.2 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
shivvy24  +   870d ago
i have a ps3 but never came across a pirated ps3 game
TotalSynthesisX  +   872d ago
Time to go dark.
theEx1Le  +   872d ago
Off youtube for a while now, no spoilers for me!
TotalSynthesisX  +   872d ago
Leak confirmed:


Halo fans, go dark now.
cl1983  +   872d ago
video already gone
TotalSynthesisX  +   872d ago
Figures... Oh well.
BizDaWolf  +   872d ago
yep its leaked on alot of torrents you probably can go on Craigslist and buy a burn version.
Braid  +   872d ago
Good friggin luck to Halo fans, I bet trolls are getting ready for a spoiler attack around the whole internet already. If you happen to expose yourself to a spoiler though, try not to worry about it too much. Some idiots spread false spoilers, just to freak people out. That happened to me with Alan Wake, some dude PM'd me with an "Alan kills his wife" message, which is NOT true at all. Play the game anyway, and don't worry yourself too much about potential spoilers.
tigertron  +   871d ago
As you can see above there are already trolls spreading apparent plot details. You are right though, they do spread false ones too.
nofallouthero  +   872d ago
say the ending up on youtube its kinda meh really
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