Why it's Too Soon for the Next Xbox Console

Rumors are already starting to go around the Internet that Microsoft is planning for the successor to the Xbox 360. However, releasing a new Xbox system a year or even two years from now is not a good idea for Microsoft or the industry. This editorial explains why.

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MaximusPrime3785d ago

sooner it is, more hardware failure to expect.

Just be patient Microsoft. Your xbox 360 is only less than 3 years old. Spend at least 4 years on working on the successor and you probably will find success.

Dlacy13g3785d ago

No, I think MS absolutely should be working on the next Xbox in terms of design, etc... Now if you are saying when they should release it? Well that is a different question.

I think MS wants the 360 to have as good a run as the PS2 did. Not likely to happen this generation...I dont think anyone will see the runaway success that the PS2 had. But I do think MS would be happy to see the 360 kick around for a good 6 years as the main platform for them. And in that 5th to 6th year they will bring forward the next xbox and have it launch somewhere in that 6th year. This time around though I think you will see MS take the Sony approach and keep support of the 360 ongoing.

Exhaust3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

While its possible MS would come out with another system in say late 09 or 2010 I think they'll continue to support the 360. The PS2 model is exactly right. From a business stand point it makes a lot of sense. Keep the 360 around for the low price point while bringing out the new 720 or whatever for the high end hardcore gamers.

This time making sure backward compatibility works like a champ. With BC the two console approach really works... It did for the PS1 to PS2 transition.

Bubbles for you.

INehalemEXI3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I agree, R&D of the next xbox probably began before the first 360 was out the door to retail.

I do think PS3 will eventually out do even ps2 though its a sexy beast of a console and everything sony promised the ps2 to be is actually present in the ps3 and more. Once Home and In game XMB etc. arrives it will be pretty complete firmware wise.

The bundles and sku's will continue to get better as does the price. 360 will be the most successful MS console yet as well. Both will break there predecesor's records IMO.

Marceles3785d ago

I agree about them wanting a long run with the 360. The 360 has been successful but I think MS wants to truly prove to themselves that they can stay in the big leagues in terms of longevity and consistency. I also think they want to work on worldwide sales more and not lose alot of ground with that...if they give up on the 360 now it'll just mean they're happy with the number of users they have now and they're throwing in the towel this gen

Tarmgar3785d ago

Yea, develop while you have a console out, as to not get behind the competition. I heard rumors that the, now dubbed PS4, was already in development when the PS3 launched, but the PS3 was a quickie launch by Sony because they need a next gen competitor to Microsoft, which launched a year ahead. So, I'm guessing the PS3 was a rushed console coverup, as to not reveal they're next Superconsole(PS4). I don't know, but I agree with you lol.

wageslave3785d ago

This is really two questions;

A) Are they working on PS4 and Xbox 720. Of course they are.
B) When will they ship them? In line with the budgets, accounting that were set at the time they released PS3 & Xbox 360.

These are massive undertakings. They dont turn then on and off in a few days.

The Closing3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Ps3 a quickie launch? Sony has a track record now of 6 years inbetween systems, and the ps3 was released what would seem to be right on the projected target to me, which is an ample time for industry standards regardless also the hardware failure rates were right at industry standards when it was released, and seems to be quite the leap from its predecessor in terms of capabilities. Ps1 was on board for the cd change, then they were first onboard for the dvd format change, and now the first for the bluray format change. Hmmm quite a good record I would say.

godofthunder103785d ago

i disagree,i think that 5 to 6 years is the perfect time to release a new system for all three technology involves a lot quicker then 10 years ago,hell after they release the top of the line computer today it's out dated in about 6 to 12 months and 10 years ago it would be the top of the line for at least 3 to 5 years.
when the ps3 was released it was said to have the most powerful chip ever made and now they have a newer,powerful,and quicker one out in less 2 years.
if the systems(even the ps3)we have out now are still the only ones out then they will look like nintendo compared to computers because every year computers upgrade to the newer tecnology.if consoles don't upgrade a lot quicker then 10 years then consoles sales will start to decline because of the graphics and gameplay on the computers will run circles around the systems if they don't upgrade to a newer one in 5 to 6 years and people(me for one)will start playing their games on computers instead of consoles because they are outdated about 6 to 10 years and that's like 100 years in tecnology years because they upgrade so damn fast that consumers can't keep up with the new tecnology,hell you could buy a computer today and 6 month or sooner it's outdated.
i like anyone to name me one electronic product that wasn't out dated in 3 to 4 years,hell most of them are out dated in 1 year,like computers,tv,and phones and i think that it's just a money racket.i bet that they have about 3 generations of chips and programes already made but they release the weaker one to sale to consumers and when the sales decline they release the other ones to keep sales up because they know that people that buy the high tec electronics will buy the new version to keep up and to say that they have the newer version.

travelguy2k3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Sony and Microsoft should release a new console every 3 years (not 2 consoles every 3 years). What i mean is Microsoft in 2010, Sony is 2013, Microsoft 2016 and so on. That way everyone would buy pretty much every console and buy games for them and we would always have next gen machines to play on. These companies would always be trying to one up the other with tech and or features becuase they know they have a 3 year window to build a base before the "next gen" comes and then for the next 3 years they support their generation and do r&d for the next. Every 1 wins the comapnies, the consumer and the developers.

myxomatosis3784d ago

I dont know about that, it has great reliability for a gaming console, and as far as all the features, i think they got the right balance. its problem WAS lack of titles, not the console its self, which i think is an solid, extremely capable peice of hardware.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3785d ago

I can't get Twisted Metal: Head On past the loading screen.

Anyone have the same problem?

Covenant3785d ago

More appropriate for the forums, my good man.

Andronix3785d ago

From the minute a hardware manufacturer launches a new console, they normally start planning the next model.

However its been mooted that Microsoft are at a more advanced stage. Personally I dont think we will see the Xbox 3 before 2010.

wageslave3785d ago

The home-console industry isnt going to switch from its 25 years of standard practice for no reason.

The financial model is probably more stable than we all realize. These industry analysts and executives arent running hundreds of million of dollar businesses without industry knowledge, research and marketing studies and and and and.

This forum is amusing. Whoever devised the goddamn headline is a mental midget.

BigBaehr3785d ago

Releasing a new console so soon would be Microsoft admitting defeat.

Exhaust3785d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. No matter how much the hardcore fanboys try to pump up the "Console War" everyone including MS knows their chances of "Winning" the war this generation are pretty slim. MS is in this for the long haul. Just like the original the 360 is a stepping stone.

I think they'd gladly admit "defeat" this generation if they thought it would give them a big upper hand next generation.

Personally I like the competition between the high end platforms. If MS wouldn't have joined in with Nintendo basically dropping out to go after the casual market it would leave the core gamers like me with only one option.

kornbeaner3785d ago

Why would MS want to admit defeat only to get a jump start on the next generation, again. That is the exact same thing they did when moving from the Xbox to the 360. Not to mention since HD-DVD is all but a dead horse, they will either need to develop a way to store their games onto the HDD or rely on Blu-Ray to get their HD format needs. Neither of which would be cheap, MS should focus on cutting down the Sony fanbase that is still there with the PS2 and then think about releasing their next machine.