European / Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending February 10th, 2008

VGChartz reports that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending February 10th, 2008 was as follows:

(IN brackets is last weeks #)

Hardware Total:

DSL: 199,193 (202,948)
Wii: 128,077 (149,980)
PS3: 64,432 (65,510)
PSP: 49,522 (50,008)
PS2: 45,906 (45,711)
360: 45,570 (42,601)


DSL: 46,711 (54,441)
Wii: 36,886 (53,697)
360: 16,193 (15,369)
PS3: 13,965 (13,458)
PSP: 7,946 (8,352)
PS2: 7,161 (7,382)


Wii: 37,178 (40,077)
DSL: 36,656 (39,154)
PS3: 13,569 (13,016)
PSP: 7,165 (7,504)
PS2: 3,818 (4,025)
360: 3,143 (3,120)


DSL: 12,651 (13,689)
Wii: 10,665 (11,038)
PS3: 10,376 (9,850)
PSP: 8,600 (7,399)
PS2: 7,915 (8,550)
360: 1,856 (1,933)

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Iamback3592d ago

It seems difference in sales numbers(for PAL market) between 360 and PS3 is widening up more and more.
So this week it is basically 20k, just in EU.

Iamback3592d ago

Forgot to add. Sad thing is that PS2 outsold 360!!!

xaphanze3592d ago

you can always edit your posts ;D.

Iamback3592d ago

well 10 know :)

dale13592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

vg sucks ps3 in germany is over 3 to 1 ratio against 360, others favour 360 what a crock of sh*t

Cyrus3653592d ago

Interesting 360 saw roughly a 3K bump in sales, PS3 fell about 1 K in sales. Could it be due to DMC 4 release?

power of Green 3592d ago

LOL At the ass whooping the 360 is getting in Spain. Thats crazy. WTF is that loyalty and brand recognition and a monopoly in Spain or is it Blu-ray and or both.

I know some EUROPEAN countries are programed with the familiarity with Sony but sheesh.

heyheyhey3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

maybe they want a PS3?

i know the concept is hard for you to understand, but isn't there a teeny, tiny, microscopic pssibility that they actually want a PS3 instead of a 360 for the games?

although yes Sony has made a great deal of good reputation with the PS1 and the PS2

Bathyj3592d ago

Because its too hard for you to believe they just prefer the better machinery, it must be programing, brainwashing or brand recognition huh?

What if I said USA it just overly patriotic and thats why it only dominates there. (Actually, dominates is too strong a word now, maybe slightly edges out is better.)

PS3 is beating XB in nearly every other country. Only The Coalition of the Willing (UK and OZ who are similar in tastes to USA) are giving any sort of support to XB, but they are waking up too.

mikeslemonade3592d ago

The Spanish just like more variety in their games. The PS3 offers something different other than pure shooters.

TheHater3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

If it was the Xbox 360 then you wouldn't be complaining.

Mr Marbles3592d ago

Um, I think you are in the wrong zone here, in this zone both consoles are great, there is no "better machinery" you do not have to wake up and realize the PS3 is better because, just because someone prefers the 360 does not mean they are some how asleep or deluded.

Also, how can one be overly patrioctic? that is like being overly kind and generous, its impossible, the more the better. As for sales, PS3 is being outsold in the US about as bad as the 360 is being outsold in EU, so how can you say the 360 is being creamed in the EU but the PS3 is just a little behind in the US?

beoulve3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Mr Marbles, I think you are in utopia zone. Gamerzone doesn't mean you cant have an healthy debate.

I don't think US people are over patriotic, if they are, GM and Ford wouldn't dug themselves into a big hole. XBOX 360 sell better because of big FPS games exclusive and MS did good marketting here in US.

Is PS3 has better hardware, Yes of course. It wasn't in 2007 but it is now in 2008 simply because of Blu-Ray. With this fact, it's proven to increase PS3 momemtum in US and EU. Is PS3 be able to catch up to XBOX 360 in 2008? We shall find out soon.

Bathyj3592d ago


Just to clarify, I never said PS3 was a better console. Thats a personal preference that everyone has to decide on themselves, based on price, games, what you need it for, the features it has and how well it suits your needs. You will never hear me say PS3 is a better console.

But better machinery, ha, it is without a doubt. Thats not even debatable. Its reliable, quiet, well designed and well put together. Be a fanboy all you like but no one can deny the PS3 is a better built piece of electronics equipment than the Xbox. Thats not fanboyism, its just fact, like saying Australia is a better cricket team than Zimbabwe.

And dont give that zone thing, I'm replying to POG fanboy post claiming PS3 is only winning because of brand recognition, not because people actually want the thing. If you asked 100 Million gamer who dont have a PS3 or X360 right now which console they would like and the price wasn't a factor, over 90% would say PS3. Last gens gamers are all just waiting for the right Price, game or time to get a PS3 and you know it.

As for patriotism, I'm Aussie so I'm all about that. The problem with it is if you're so in love with your own country that you shun others then thats not patriotic its racist. Love your country for sure, but if Japan makes the best cars, tv's, stereos, consoles then I'm not going to buy an Australian one. Well the cars I would, Holdens kick arse.

And finally face it Dude. I never said XB was getting creamed. I'm only pointing out that if PS3 and XB are selling in 100 countries, PS3 is beating it in 97 of them, and the gap in the 3 holdouts is closing. If XB beats PS3 in USA, europe makes up the number and we win by Japans lead. Or Japan catches it and we win by Europes lead. Take your pick. I guess Europe and Japan DO matter. Only 6 months ago you were all saying only USA was important.

PS3 doesn't even have to catch XB in total sales to be a winner as far as I'm concerned. XB had a false start and PS3 is already winning from when they came out. Thats probably why guys like you hate them so much. For all the crazy things Sony said, most of them came true. We did buy the thing even with no games, we did work harder to afford it, and the next gen did start when they said so. Haha, that last ones so funny.

darkshiz3592d ago

Hypocrite in action.

He talks about brand loyalty as in bad but this fool is one himself.

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