The Top 5 Pokemon Games

From Pokemon Colosseum and the many different colors of Gold, Blue, Yellow and Red to Pokemon Stadium Two and more, the 411 staff counts down their top 5 Pokemon games of all time!

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Relientk771922d ago

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow and Pokemon Silver/Gold for me

bubblebeam1921d ago

Exactly. No contest.
It is really hard to compare series 1 and 2, as series 2 was suprisingly EPIC. You got to go back to Kanto. Amazing.

I'd still probably say the originals were the best, as they had the best music, possibly in any game ever. Also, you could catch "HO-HO" lol by cheating. (Obviously named "HO-OH" In gold/silver/crystal.

MoreRPG1921d ago

My favorite is Pokemon Crystal
Btw Ruby/Zaphire are really underrated

deep_fried_bum_cake1921d ago

Same, Crystal was excellent. People always say Gold and Silver but forget about Crystal.

FarCryLover1821921d ago

First 2 gens were fantastic, the rest are good too. However, in the DS versions....I HATED the new pokemon that they included. So I used action replay cheats to get the original pokemon that I loved so much like Charmader, Pikachu, etc. from the start.

Blastoise1921d ago

Lol I did the same, started White 2 yesterday, made an effort to trade a Riolu online for a Totodile :P and I started Black 1 with a Squirtle :P

MoreRPG1921d ago

Is there an action replay for the 3ds?
Im going to buy Pokemon Black

Blastoise1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

1.Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow
2.Pokemon Crystal
3.Pokemon Black/White
4.Pokemon Emerald
5.Pokemon Diamond & Pearl (really could'nt get into these, tried twice too)

IMO :)

Bought White 2 yesterday, haven't played enough yet to judge it.

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