Which games characters look like which real-life celebrities? "Liquid Snake looks like... Cate Blanchett"

This afternoon PSM3 spent some time running pictures of games characters through one of those 'which celebrity do you look like' websites - - to see which celebrities games characters most looked like. So who looks like who?

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MaximusPrime3786d ago

well Andriy Shevchenko does look like Niko Bellic lol

sak5003786d ago

The protagonist in GTA IV looks more like Vincent Cassel.

staub913786d ago

I think that Laura Croft resemblems Angelina

barom3786d ago

lmao the comparisons are wayyy off. none of them look a like

Relcom3786d ago

I agree. Only 2 were kinda close

timmyp533786d ago

arent the best I've seen. Looks like they were kindah bored.

Leathersoup3786d ago

Some of those didn't look alike at all

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The story is too old to be commented.