Buy or Sell: NBA Live, Blezinski's Epic Departure, PS Vita, Wii U Launch

GotGame: Is Cliff Blezinski's departure from Epic a cause for concern for Gears of War? Should EA retire NBA Live? Does the Wii U launch have you pumped? Find our what two of our staffers have to say.

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TheRacingX2257d ago

No games for the Vita.... that's pretty funny

SandwichHammock2257d ago

They actually wrote that? You're right, what a thigh slapper. Thanks for saving me from clicking on the link.

ohhhhh, its an opinion piece. I guess that makes it alright... O_o

3-4-52257d ago

There aren't many Vita games I would buy right now.

But purchasing a Vita would still be a good decisions for me personally because I never owned a PS1,Ps2,Ps3 or PSP. I get to play all but the PS3 games on the Vita. That is a huge back catalog of RPG's and other good games for me to play and most of those will be cheap since they are older games.

^ So considering that + the fact that Vita will be getting games for the next 5-8 years = I'm getting a Vita at some point.

I just don't want to rush in and get one the week before a sale like I did with 3DS.

I bought a 3DS at Gamestop, the next day they started offering Pilot Wings resort FREE with purchase. lol not for me though.

Blastoise2257d ago

Lol Pilot Wings resort? I'm pretty sure you didn't miss out on much

killatia2257d ago

Gotta agree with Blastoise, your not missing anything from Pilot Wings resort.

Ramon3MR2254d ago

Yeah Pilot Wings Resort felt more like a tech demo than anything.