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Submitted by XPH 1142d ago | article

PlayStation Store Comparison - Old vs. New

The re-designed PlayStation Store arrived in Europe next week and the following week in North America. Sony have made a significant amount of changes and improvements to make it easier for consumers to find the content they want. XTREME PS3 have compiled a detailed comparison of the current Store design with the upcoming Store revamp, showing the differences and features you can expect. (PS3, Tag Invalid)

GribbleGrunger  +   1142d ago
Very nice article. It was a good choice to do the comparison instead of simply reporting some of the features.
Mr-Zex  +   1142d ago
Indeed, you can tell this revamp of the store is going to be amazing, it doesn't look as clustered and under-detailed as the old and much more easier to navigate!
black911  +   1142d ago
Here is a Video Demonstration OF the New PS Store in Action.
Ares84HU  +   1142d ago
I think it looks lot better. I'm just curious how easy it is to navigate. I think they have overcomplicated the current PS store to a point where it is a pain in the ass to find the latest stuff.
Lyssk  +   1142d ago
I wish it was optional
josephayal  +   1142d ago
another reason to buy a PS3
hkgamer  +   1142d ago
definitely not another reason to buy a PS3. Who buys a console based on how the marketplace looks like?

I would call it a bonus for existing PS3 gamers.
r21  +   1142d ago
Looking forward to trying this new store update, looks pretty swell :)
isarai  +   1142d ago
Sweet, never had an issue with the current store, but by the looks and sounds of it this is just going to make it a lot more seamless and easy to use. An i'm all for improvements
EmperorDalek  +   1142d ago
Looks a lot closer to the look and feel of the Xbox marketplace.

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