PC Players Unite, This is What We Know About Black Ops 2 on PC

PC and Call of Duty have a fateful history together, an epic tale of greatness from small beginnings, fraught with all of the joy and heartbreak that one would expect from nearly a decade's worth of games. When Call of Duty launched back in 2003, it was exclusively available for computers. For you younger readers out there, just take a minute to digest that. There was once a time where Call of Duty on console didn't exist. The very thought was laughable.

The franchise debuted on PC and promptly began carving its path to greatness. In current day, Call of Duty is synonymous with Xbox 360 and home gaming consoles, but the plain truth is; without the PC, Call of Duty as we know it would not exist today. Therein lies the heartbreak in this story: as the franchise continues to grow, it seems to be moving further and further away from the platform from whence it came, rather than refining and taking advantage of the power that PC's offer.

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dredgewalker2168d ago

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aquamala2168d ago

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aquamala2168d ago

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aquamala2168d ago

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bumnut2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

So you are saying no mod support, no custom servers and a low player count are a good thing?

How dare you call yourself a PC gamer!

Until everything I listed is changed, I won't be buying another COD game. COD nosedived after WAW from a PC perspective.

crazypenguin082167d ago

Anything more than 9v9 is overkill, spawns are bad enough as it is. I'd rather sacrifice Mod support for a hacker free game, not to mention it took them like 8 months after the launch of black ops 1 to release mod tools. Custom servers are great, but when you cant find a server that plays a regular rotation with under 100 ping... not to mention the power hungry admins.

bumnut2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Removing features rather than fixing them is the wrong approach. They have blatently dumbed down the pc version to make devs lives easier and to ensure there is no superior version.

That makes it a poor game imo.

EDIT - How could I forget that they also increased the price after removing the best features!

Dojan1232167d ago

I am fine without the mod tools or access to server files as long as he game is supported with new / cheep maps. This has worked for BF3.

Not being able to rent a server hurts large PC clans/communities. You mention all the rage admins (which is true) but there are plenty of respectful clans that help run clean games.

Not sure how you can think only having match making is a good thing. In the current state, all the dedi will do is help with lag.