NCSoft Unveiling First Console Game This Year

Speaking with Wired at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, NCSoft's new president Chris Chung said that his company should have "something to announce--not only announce but to show--by the second half of this year. I'm pretty psyched about that."

The easy solution would be to simply port NCSoft's existing library of games like City of Heroes/Villains, Guild Wars, and Tabula Rasa to the PS3, but according to Chung, "that's the wrong way to do it. You have to create a gameplay that's really suitable for the console space, the console experience. I mean, it's very different from PC."

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cellypower3568d ago

I hope its City of Heroes/Villains

TheHater3568d ago

same here. I love the concept of COH/V

sonarus3568d ago

great cnt wait to see it

LightningPS33568d ago

did we think they were gonna wait till 2009?

They better put out a game for PS3 this year.

ngg123453568d ago

Because that game looks awesome.

lomion53568d ago

I totally agree. The art alone makes me want to play that game.

blade2063568d ago

now you see why sony is smart teamed up with nc soft and m$ has no mmo

sonarus3568d ago

lol pimp named slick back

hades073568d ago

Wrong!!! As excited as I am for NCsoft to be making a MMO for the PS3, I loved Guild Wars, there is a MMO on the xbox, and sooner than any on the PS3 too, check out a game called Age of Conan: The Hyborian Adventures.

kewlkat0073568d ago

are you Crazy MS has no MMO, it has been MS pushing the RTS and MMO on consoles this gen..I bet you the 360 has more MMO's coming along...Plus with the Easy PC/360 Architecture and the windows Live Games function the 360 is much more ready for an MMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.