Metro: Last Light Not Shipping with Multiplayer

Metro: Last Light is not shipping with multiplayer but could be added post release. More details inside.

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EeJLP-2051d ago

Perfectly fine with me, it would just add more to my backlog. Hopefully the campaign is great with all the focus being put toward it. It's already on my watch list.

Somebody2050d ago

More time to enjoy the story instead of worrying about how far your friends/competitors have gone up the ranks in mp.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32050d ago

I hate when people try to speak for me. I wanted to see how they handled a multiplayer element. I could spend years playing the online, I've played 2033 4 times and beat it, after that there's nothing to do but talk about how good the game is. If there's online, I'd still be playing it. These dumb articles on n4g written by a bunch of hipsters turns the tide I guess.

SilenceOfKnights2051d ago

WOW!!!! an fps that will not ship with multiplayer.
i want to check this game out now.

SanMarco2051d ago

whats the release date?

santaeid2051d ago

Q1 2013. Not official release date with a day and month yet.

Mikefizzled2051d ago

Even if it had it I'd guess it would be like the multiplayer in the STALKER games. Just in a metro instead.

Skate-AK2050d ago

Ohhh so multiplayer isn't even confirmed to come out post-launch. It's a big maybe right now.

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