Sony’s Redesigned PS Store Will Be A Huge Improvement

Expect great things from Sony's newly designed PS Store

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Godmars2901803d ago

After all of the complaints and all of the updates XBL have gone through with MS treating them almost as relaunches of the system, one could only hope it was a great improvement.

Actually, its a pity they didn't do this in tandem with the super slim. Treat it as a relaunch.

yesmynameissumo1803d ago

No need to relaunch. It's a store redesign, not an over haul of the UI.

a_bro1803d ago

it would be nice if there was some ubiquity in the PS store, like being able to purchase a game on the webpage, which then instantly turns on your PS3 to download and install the game from afar.. i guess we wont see that feature till the PS4.

TheUndertaker851803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

It's my understanding that this new store will be able to support something like that in the future since it's HTML5 based. I can say Sony sent out surveys some time ago asking is users wanted a feature such as being able to purchase/download from their webpage.