Second Life financial apocalypse is long overdue

In an unveiled editorial victory dance over today's headlines regarding the banking collapse in Second Life, an SG editor takes great pleasure in celebrating the setback for a game he finds useless.

From the article: "In a move, sure to cause virtual headaches for avatars and their masters the world over, Second Life proprietors, Linden Labs, have shut down the entire virtual economy by closing their banking system.

While Second Life has enjoyed more than its fair share of headlines, attention, and ridicule over the past year, I can't help but hope that this is the beginning of a quick death for what I feel is a useless waste of money and time.

To each his own, or whatever. Die SL. There's a new time-suck coming. It's called PSHome."

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CaliGamer3592d ago

Such hate for PS HOME, and the think hasn't even been finalized yet.
Sad when people judge others, this guy is kinda pathetic. Many would say that video games are a waste of time but many people enjoy it, it is none of his business how people choose to spend their time or their money.
Guess he is entitled to his opinion, he just comes across as kinda sour and angry.