EarthriseFreedom and PvP

In there Question of the Week column on the Earthrise forums, Masthead Studious have revealed just how open Earthrise's open PvP system will be.

Q: "Will you be able to attack people in your own faction? (i.e. become a criminal)

A: Earthrise PvP is all about freedom of choice, personal interest and of course - responsibility. We did not want to limit our players by setting artificial boundaries on what they can do and what they cannot, breaking the immersion that they are part of a dynamic world and forcing them to play by our rules, not theirs. Earthrise setting is edgy and competitive place and if we did have highly regulated PvP it would take away from that spirit, leaving nothing but a shell that's just like every other game on the market. So we are taking risks with making some difficult decisions that we hope will go well in their proper realization. So, to cut the introduction, the answer is YES! Players will be able to attack players affiliated with their own faction. What is very important to understand is that what you can do is not always something you can get away with without consequences. Killing people of the same faction is one of the worst crime, prosecuted by members of both Noir and Continoma. It will be very difficult for someone to clear the damning effects of such a crime, though not impossible, and his space of operation would be greatly limited in the wild, less secure areas - where he himself would taste his own medicine by being open target for other criminals. As we have already revealed, security will be provided by Guard NPCs that will act immediately on signs of violence in range. But that is not the only form of security and monitoring that will be present in the game. Often, even if there is no sudden intervention of the law, the crime will be monitored and reported and players will face repercussions later on".

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