Can Hideo Kojima Create a Good FPS?

Kojima is one of the most well-known game designers in the game industry. His games are very well received by both critics and gamers. In my opinion he is the best game designer in the game industry next to the numerous designers of the Final Fantasy games. While Kojima is fantastic at creating action adventure games with intricate plots, amazing visuals and fun gameplay, can he make great games in other genres as well?

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jc485731926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

why would he suddenly make FPS? He seems to enjoy to have more options in his games or have specific tasks for every camera angle whether is over the shoulder or fpv. There's a reason why Japanese developers like Kojima design their games in a such a way that is different from everybody, but people want him to do something that has been overused really? Don't restrict to one view when you can do many at once.

afterMoth1926d ago

It would have to be a FPS with 90% cut scenes, 10% gameplay.

Gameplay isn't his strong point, so I'd expect an average FPS with a quirky story about frying eggs with little girls and lots of cigarette smoking and poopy jokes. First Person peeing as well, almost forgot that.

shenpo_shin1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

you try to hard buddy either YOU like it or not MGS remains one of the best franchise in the video gaming industry to date with the top 3 best male character for 3 generations with multiples wwinning awards and with one of the top 5 best video game story to date form the ps1 era till now

so hate more and go back to whatever crap uwere playing kkthxbb

camel_toad1926d ago

Yeh to say gameplay isn't one of his strong points is damn near factually ridiculous.

Metal Gear Solid alone did so many outside-of-the-box gameplay things (literally) like making you look at the back of the game case for a codec number to holding the vibrating controller.

Blankman851926d ago

I find him highly overrated myself. I couldn't stand Peacewalker's over the top cheesy story and acting. Sold it within days.

explicitbaron1926d ago

I would be content with 90% cutscenes and 10% gameplay. I think FPS games need more interesting stories and cooler cutscenes. I would appreciate if you follow my site if you like it.

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explicitbaron1926d ago

I don't think he wants to make an FPS I'm just wondering he could make a good one. I love how his games are super different and I hope he continues making unique and different ideas that don't always look promising. I would appreciate if you follow my site if you like it.

Walker1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

MGS is FPS, TPS, RTS, Role Playing and more ...
so he can obviously .

sikbeta1926d ago

*Stealth* ... also you can play MGS4 in FPS mode if you want, dude is a genious.

Ducky1926d ago

... you can do same in Hitman as well.

explicitbaron1926d ago

I do agree but, I feel like he has such a creative personality that he could create a solid FPS game with new mechanics and interesting story. I would appreciate if you follow my site if you like it.

blue_cheese1926d ago

yes, i'm a fan of seeing his take on gaming, especially such a played out idea like an FPS. but, that being said, i would want him to create a new IP if he would. Kojima has a great talent for making such a simple idea very complex and enjoyable. just at how the original MGS holds up to this day, or Zone of Enders.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1926d ago

PSH please.... He'll likely be the first to figure out how to make a SECOND person shooter.

KiRBY30001926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

i know you're joking but it already exists, its not a shooter though.

they call it "Sightjacking" check it out skip to 2.15

crimsonfox1926d ago

I'm sure he would dominate at it.

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