Playstation 3: When is credit due?

This editorial concerns giving Sony credit for seemingly making a smart move putting Blu-ray in the PS3 and discussing why the gaming public seems reluctant to give them credit for what turned out to be beneficial to their brand, products, and bottom line.

From the article: "One major multi-pronged criticism of the Playstation 3 has been it's forced inclusion of Blu-ray technology. I use the term "Blu-ray technology" because I think it's very important to distinguish the Xbox 360's optional support of HD-DVD movie playback from the Playstation 3's mandatory support of both Blu-ray movie playback and BD-ROM storage for games.

The inclusion of Blu-ray on the Playstation 3 was responsible (in part) for: a higher price, slower disc reading speeds than DVD, limited availability early on due to a shortage of blue laser diodes, and causing the standalone Blu-ray player market to reach the market artificially late by hogging all the limited availability blue laser diodes in the first months after launch for Sony's flagship Blu-ray player, the Playstation 3."

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chester3758d ago

i definitely think that sony deserves credit for how they've basically made blu-ray the next gen media format. unfortunately, i don't think they are going to see alot of benefit from that for awhile. while BR is gaining, it still gets trounced by dvd. that's not going to end for a while, probably by the time the next generation of consoles comes around and all are utilizing blu-ray. just my opinion though.

JSA-Gamer3758d ago

Time will equal success for the PS3, as long as they can continue to add solid titles and counter the seemingly endless list of 360 exclusives with even better titles (see Warhawk). Not being a fanboy here... I want 2 healthy consoles... That equals a better gaming world for me!

Marceles3758d ago

Yeah exactly the same thing people were thinking with PS2...the console costs too much and no one needs DVD since they had a VHS player. I agree that it'll take time but it will pay off at the end and Sony knows that, as well as anyone that's had a Playstation as their central gaming system for the last decade

wageslave3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

When are they going to get credit? They'll get credit.

But is "credit" what they should get? Take off your PS3-fan and happy-to-have a BR for movies PS3-fan hat for a second.

Ok? Now listen:

HD-DVD has tangable benefits to you AS A CUSTOMER. For the non-gaming public, BlueRay is not as good a choice as HD-DVD.

HD-DVD offers these benefits:
A) HD-DVD players upscale your DVD library and make it worthwhile to keep.
* Why does the MPAA prefer BR? So they can sell you a BR copy of your DVD library. No "free upscaling" from your BR player to make you say "Oh, i'll not replace that DVD". More sales for MPAA.

B) There is a very good chance Computers are going to have HD-DVDs. That is going to be the IT industry choice (i dont see anyeon thinking otherwise). So, you're not going to be able to watch your BR discs in your PC. Is this a good thing? Or are all PCs going to have a more expensive Dual-drive? How about burning your own discs? If your computer has a HD-DVD, does that mean you're not going to be able to play your home-authored discs in your living room?

C) HD-DVDs play in every DVD player you own right now. Do you have a portable DVD player? How about DVD players in your car? DVD players integrated into Televisions and the tens of millions of DVD players in the world. EACH one of those can play HD-DVDs (though, in the lower quality).

So, you people who are *happy* that BlueRay looks like it has won, have to ask yourself, maybe I got what was good for the MPAA and not what was good for *ME AS A USER*.

That is why I've been pro-HD-DVD all this time. I want those benefits. And, when I saw Sony use the PS3 to push through what its MPAA and RIAA divisions wanted -- I thought, oh great, they're going to trojan the PS3 for movie-disc-sales.

BluRay winning is a *bad* thing for you.

Who gave me the disagree? NONE of you can address my points. I dare you. What is one good thing for the customer that BR has over HD-DVD?

The problem is that PS3 owners are looking at this in a battle in the videogame wars, it is not, its actually about movies. And, if BR wins, we get screwed. No extended-life for DVDs & DVD players (reducing landfill, saving money) and less fair-use rights. How long until they cut off DVD sales all together for BR-only?

CaliGamer3758d ago

You make some good points but fail to mention some key points.
A) Blu-Ray players also upscale regular DVDs, so I fail to see you even putting this as a point, perhaps you just didn't do your research on this point or perhaps you thought no one would catch that.

B) Apple is releasing BD enabled laptops in the near future, I think I heard other companies are too. I believe that with computer applications the increased storage space of BD might be a better fit in the long run.

C)I have never heard that HD-DVD's work on any DVD player, that is news to me and I will look up that fact as it sounds like something that the HD-DVD camp would have been touting more ferociously than they have. I keep up on tech news of all kinds and this is the first time I am hearing this but given your track record of post you would understand my skepticism at believing you without some proof of this point or someone else supporting this assertion on your part.

I'm not saying your completely wrong, but your tone and cherry picking of the information you presented in your post bring your overall logic into serious question, IMO. I would love for you to clarify or rectify your post so you can better make your point.

moparful993758d ago

Wage I wish you could read you comments from our end. Your facts are so misconstrewed its almost ridiculous. Blu ray DOES upscale dvds I dont know where you get your facts from but every dvd that I put into my ps3 is output in either 720p or 1080i. As far as this whole mpaa bull what the hell are you talking about? I bet you hated on dvd and the fact that sony included a dvd player in the ps2 didnt you? You simply cant live with the fact that sony knows what they are doing and your precious microsoft and toshiba blew their chance to deal sony a crushing blow. You say that hd dvds play in all dvd players but that defeats the purpose of it being a high def format. That would only confuse the consumer more, "hey i can play hd dvds in my dvd player" then when they get home and it looks like any old dvd they will and do get pissed. I work at best buy and had a customer come in and try to return an hd dvd because it looked like any regular dvd and she was unaware of why. I told her that you had to have an hd dvd player to view the content in high def. Well she wasnt happy so the fact that the consumer knows exactly what blu ray is and does there is no confusion. Oh and as far as computers and burners, yea the hd dvd blank media has already been discontinued. You can speculate that hd dvd is going to carry on vicariously through computer support but in fact that was dead before it began... so you sir fail yet again to push your biased opinion on anyone....

Marceles3758d ago

Yeah I'll have to look up the HD-DVD playing on DVD player feature also...I've never heard of "forward compatibility" before

wageslave3758d ago

@1.4 Regarding point A) upscaling. Thank-you, I didnt know BR would upscale DVDs.

IntelligentAj3758d ago

What DVD player can play HD-DVD's? And how do you figure that HD-Dvd drives are going to be on the majority of Computers?

Synex3758d ago

Apple, Sony, and Dell (I think) are putting Blu-Ray Drives in their computers. Also, when these companies do the smaller companies will follow.

schabeugen043758d ago

hey wages ur wrong about the hd-dvd working in all players sorta, its only the dual layer hd-dvd's with a dvd on the otherside

Bathyj3758d ago

Its funny when some does a big long rant, trying to inform us ignorant lot, but has done no research.

My PS3 upscales DVD's to 1080p.

HDDVDs DO NOT work in a DVD player.

The companies supportting BR number in the hundreds, the companies supporting HDDVD can be counted without taking off your shoes.

BR more than suits my needs as a customer, and I'm a good customer. I've bought over 60 movies in 10 months and over a dozen games. I've been voting with my dollar and it looks like I'm winning.

Electricear3758d ago

I've never read a more ill informed assessment of advantages for HD-DVD. First off as most people have pointed out Blu-ray players can upscale DVD's just like HD-DVD players can.

Secondly HD-DVD is not becoming the media of Choice for computers as there isn't even a 1x consumer level burner, and it's been well over a year since the first Blu-ray burners came out. Current Blu-ray burners handle speeds up to 4x, but most affordable ones are still at 2x. The Toshiba SD-H903A was supposed to be the first consumer HD-DVD burner which debuted at the 2007 CES, but it's still not available. So if there are no burners how is it even in the competition for computers?

Lastly HD-DVD's can not be played in a standard DVD player. The only way they could is if they used a dual sided disk which meant 9 times out of 10 one of the sides gets all scratched up, or they were a dual layer disc with one layer set to DVD and the other layer set to HD-DVD, but this limited the HD-DVD area to a single 15GB layer. It should be noted that these two techniques could also be used on blu-ray discs, but no one bothered because typically when HD-DVD did this it jacked up the price of the disc another $5, and very few people actual wanted those kind of discs. It should also be noted that the in theory blu-ray discs could get a full dual layer 50GB disc along with a dual layer DVD on one side potentially because the data for both formats is stored at different stratas.

antoinetm3758d ago

You can hate SONY all you want but they give smart people what they want:


You just have to pay the price. Or you can save the difference and buy a second 360.

Kleptic3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago ) have reached a new low it appears...but I won't rub it in, it appears that most posts that came after yours pretty much hammered it in...

but yeah...the IT argument is off on several levels...A) as mentioned above, there is no readily available HD DVD burners available yet...and B) computer media is nearly entirely capacity centric...there are no blatant advantages between HD DVD and BD as far as burning other than one thing...BD holds about 20gigs more currently (considering a dual layer burner with a dual layer disc, if using a single layer BD burner or disc, its only 10gb more than a respective single layer HD DVD disc)...and with the film industry momentum, is already cutting costs on blank BD discs to the consumer...

its amazing that you can attempt to call out fanboys like that...and still be almost 100% wrong...not only that but obviously have your views because of being a fanboy yourself, just of the 'other side'...

and its also amazing that you people still won't admit that Blu Ray is NOT BAD for has a read speed that is marginally slower (marginally because its fixed...there are 'tracks' on a BD that read faster than a DVD, which is variable depending on data location...or maybe its the other way around...forget which format is fixed and which isn't...but you get the point)...but the fact that the PS3 has a built in HDD in every console, allowing devs to actually use it, negates that problem entirely...

so how is that a bad thing? gives deves more space, if they need more or less guarantees lots of room for high def content, whether its uncompressed textures, HD cutscenes, etc...or lots of bonus behind the scenes well as guarantees each game is basically on one disc entirely...arguing that its 'not for gaming' is getting very lame...very quickly...its time for every fanboy that said otherwise to finally suck it up...staple on a set...and admit he was entirely wrong...

MikeGdaGod3758d ago

that was the dumbest, most wrongest (i know thats not a word) thing i've read on this site.

how do you expect anyone to take ANYTHING you ever say seriously?

you might as well cancel your account, cry yourself to sleep, and make a new account with a new identity in the morning. no one will ever listen to anything you have to say.

it's funny because i thought alot of you guys have been really trying to think and talk rationally since the site update, but you are proof that some people just don't change. you buried yourself today. RIP

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LightningPS33758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Just being real, it's good that Blu ray is winning and slowly making the PS3 more popular.

But I still think Blu ray has lost Sony so much money and put the PS3 in a bad position.

PS3 is still expensive compared to the competition and it's still holding them back. While it's seems to be slowly turning around, slow sales of PS3 early caused the PS3 so many exclusives and so much momentum. It wasn't till the 399 sku came out, that PS3 had a respectable holiday in North America.

I still say bad call, should of just let HD DVD do it's own thing and focused the PS3 on games.

I bet you if Sony could do it over again, and they knew they were gonna have this kind of Competition from Microsoft and Nintendo, they wouldn't of never experimented with blu ray.

PS3 just came out as a train wreck that Sony has had to repair since day 1. Maybe in the end it forced to get their game on and maybe things will work out okay, but you don't plan it that way.

darkshiz3758d ago

It's not more expensive then 360.

$350+$50 live = $400.

PS3 40 GB = $400.

HD DVD do it's thing hahaha like any company will give up a chance they got to slaughter the opposition's format.

Snukadaman3758d ago

Imagine if sony only concentrated on the game side of the would of trounced the xbox 360 with no doubt...blu-ray still has a long way too go too be accepted as the next format.

TruthBTold3758d ago

Since when has Sony just been a gaming console manufacturer? They are respected and well known for bringing out innovative technology that while captures the attention of people that appreciate great quality and performance, thats just how they do things in every product they sell. Since when has Sony been cheap? Other Sony products are known to be more expensive than similar products from other manufacturers. Its about those who will pay for it. Heck, I wanted a Sony LCD but it was just too much money, so I purchased the next best thing, a Samsung; I wanted a Sony Vaio or an Apple powerbook but again it was over the amount I wanted to spend so I went for the next best thing, an HP. I don't think being one of the more less expensive products will ever be part of Sony's characteristics. They have always been more expensive then the competition and will continue to be. They didn't make a mistake by adding the bluray player to the PS3, its what people in business call a risk, if you loose you could loose a lot, but if you win you win big time, and thats what big companies do in order to make more money. Sony will continue to be an innovative company who offers high quality and the latest technology available, but they will charge a price for it.

BigBoy20003758d ago

Saying the PS3 is "expensive" is such a load of BS! That argument is so narrow. Sure, if you were to look at the consoles strictly by price, of course you'd think the PS3 was overpriced. But then look at what it offers: guaranteed HDD space for future developers to utilize with games, a fantastic looking and sounding movie player (Blu-ray is an outstanding technology), built in wi-fi (except for those who got one of the original 20Gig models... sorry guys), free online play, blue tooth, ability to run Linux, and freedom to customize the background and theme (for free!), then all of a sudden the system doesn't look so overpriced.

A lot of people thought that putting dvd playing abilities in the PS2 was a huge mistake. Hell, PS2 is still outselling the 360 and PS3, and it works great as both a dvd player and game console. You sound like you're still stuck in the past writing that kind of stuff. It's time to open your eyes and except that the PS3 is a great piece of hardware.

Just to finish up, I guarantee that if Sony could do it all over again, Blu-ray would have most definitely been a part of the PS3.

cmrbe3758d ago

Thats a very shortsighted view. Yes Sony would have dominated out of the gate but what about 3 years down the road when HD is the norm?. When all is said and done. People will thank Sony for their vision.

moparful993758d ago

Lost money? sony is already reporting earnings off of the ps3 despite predictions it would take two years? Microsoft just started reporting positive earnings two years after its launch. Blu ray is poised to explode, hell in japan it owns 90% of the hd market and about 35% of the dvd market period. North america has always had this standoffish approach when it comes to movie formats. But now that blu ray has emerged as the clear winner in the format war I see america starting to shift. Hd tv adoption is alot stronger then many will elude to. I live in a moderate sized city, roughly 65k populuation. So you wouldnt expect to see alot of lavish spending and you normally dont. But I work at our local best buy and we sell 3-4 hd tvs on a normal day and can move 10 or more on busy days. People want hd tvs, and I think hd movies, tv, and games are driving this trend. Sony's "train wreck" as you call it has consistently out sold the 360 since march of 07 long before the 399 price tag you claim as the main impetus of their sales. Poor quality and severe lack of features has drastically hurt the popular consensus of the 360.

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Mr_Kuwabara3758d ago

Sony did a huge risk with the Blu-Ray player add-on judging by the high price tag, delays for the PS3 and what not but it has surely paid off in the long run.

Props to Sony. *tips hat down*

Lifendz3757d ago

The innovation. They don't just give you more of the same nor do they tie your hands to things like a mandatory HDD that's overpriced or charging to play games online. If you don't like blu-ray movies or just don't care for them then appreciate the storage abilities of blu-ray. That's going to be big for games in the future. Kudos to Sony on their machine. Can't wait for the AAA hyped games to roll out.

Mattearl3758d ago

But for a second there... i was wondering if i made a wrong choice with Sony. But then i thought, when has Sony let us down (besides the delays and what-have-yous)? So i threw that question to the wind.

Great Job Sony! Now... can you bring us in-Game XMB please. Thanks!

WINZLOW3758d ago

PS2 was a better system now Ps3 is. Sony knows what they are doing. 360 is still using DVD formats that are compressed maybe its time to adopt bluray for them...