Microsoft Investigating Possible Halo 4 Leak

GameInformer- We don't know yet if the full campaign of Halo 4 has leaked to the Internet. Microsoft still isn't commenting directly on reports that some users may have access to the game ahead of its November 6 launch.

"We have seen the reports of 'Halo 4' content being propped on the Web and are working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation," a Microsoft spokesperson told Game Informer.

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Cam9772017d ago

LOL, it must be real.

fr0sty2017d ago

Wouldn't be the first time. Halo3 and GTA4 both leaked before release.

Cam9772017d ago

Really? Haha, poor MS - I bet it's crushing to have their big-reveal ruined.

eliteslaya132017d ago

That would be very unfortunate if true, this game's campaign looks fantastic.

Swiggins2017d ago

Yeah...if the leaks turn out to be true, I might do a media black out until the game launches.

tigertron2017d ago

I'm going to avoid anything Halo related too. I want to have as many surprises as possible when I play the game.

MerkinMax2017d ago

Cause you know the douche bags of N4G will be posting spoilers everywhere nonstop. I am still not over the way those bitches ruined Heavy Rain for me. Never Forget...

guitarded772017d ago

@ tigertron

That's the best approach to have with any game you're excited for. I don't look at anything "The Last of Us" related. I'm sold on the game from what I've seen, so I don't need to see anymore until I play the game.

As for the people supposedly playing Halo 4 already... that's something I wouldn't be advertising on the interwebz. I'd just enjoy it, and not get anyone in trouble. I'm sure the people playing it feel super cool to have early access, but it's not worth someone losing their job over, or getting their account banned by telling the world.

MadMen2017d ago

This disc looked pretty legit to me, they have a leak no doubt.

By the time they are done looking into it, the game will be launching and this will be moot.

ambientFLIER2017d ago

Doesn't mean the offending party won't be punished still. MS is pretty pissed, I imagine.

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Muffins12232017d ago

Yea there real....but its really only like a 3 weeks away so this is totally normal for a big game to have this happen to it

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The story is too old to be commented.