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Submitted by Aclay 1219d ago | opinion piece

Why On-Disc Downloadable Content Isn't The Crime It's Made Out To Be

Arstechnica- You wouldn't think the precise, virtual location of a few bits of additional, purchasable content for a game would be that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. But some gamers are up in arms yet again over the prospect that some downloadable content (DLC) for the recently released Resident Evil 6 is already included as locked, encrypted data on the game disc itself. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

NYC_Gamer  +   1219d ago
Those who feel like they are getting ripped off just stay away from studios that are known to hide dlc on retail disc
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dark-hollow  +   1219d ago
But the real issue here is that they could cut content from the full game and release it later as a paid dlc.

This is what I really hate about DLC this gen, no longer its extra content to complement your $60 purchase but actually developers now plan dlc even before the game is finished!

No longer developers are squeezing every bit of content into our $60 purchases they could THEN start thinking about dlc.

Don't get me wrong, not every DLC is greedy scamming, but a lot of developers (aka CAPCOM) abuse this concept and give us half assed incomplete experiences.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1219d ago
That is why i don't support greedy studios.We can sit here and complain but until we all stop feeding the pigs this hidden dlc crap will continue.
sonicsidewinder  +   1219d ago
ALL dlc is bad. Regardless of how it's distributed.
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LAWSON72  +   1219d ago
OK that's why it can extend the life of a game and bring new experiences to a game that must be terrible
dark-hollow  +   1219d ago
That's how it should be but alas some developers intentionally cut content to release it later as a paid DLC.

Its a double edged sword.
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Christopher  +   1219d ago
Disagree. A lot.

That's akin to saying all Americans are stupid. You can't go lumping all situations together. There are good uses of DLC, there are bad.

Good: content is added as an expansion to a game that already took 30+ hours to complete, introducing new abilities, weapons, vehicles, characters, and gameplay options.

Bad: here's a the same costume in red, pink, and periwinkle.

For many RPGs that already have extensive gameplay compared to most other games out there, gamers would never see a lot of the content they make available if there was no DLC.

And, most importantly, all DLC is optional and most games let you know before they are put out if there will be DLC. You have the choice to accept it or not, it's not forced upon you.
EeJLP-  +   1218d ago
I agree that all DLC isn't bad.

If it's made after the game was completed and the game wasn't pre-planned to have DLC, therefore shipping a known incomplete product, it's fine.

I've only bought 2 DLCs. The Resistance: Fall of Man map packs back when they released in 2007 (they've now been free since somewhere in 2008).

I also hate preorder bonuses, especially when they are split between different stores. This is again shipping an incomplete product. I have never bought a game Day 1 that had preorder bonuses.

I usually wait for the Complete / Ultimate / Special editions now from studios I know are going to have DLC, like Rockstar for example.

Resistance 3 was the first Resistance I didn't buy Day 1, because of the CoDification of the MP, introduction of the Online Pass, preorder bonuses like the air-fuel grenades (and spread out between different retailers as far as I remember), and they also announced DLC on release day.

~Some of that's on topic, some a bit off, I know.~
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iamgoatman  +   1218d ago
Yeah, all those free content updates for Team Fortress 2 were just awful! /s
Godmars290  +   1219d ago
It is if a system doesn't have online access and has to be to unlock this "Free" content. Nevermind asking someone to pay for access to something they already have.
Smashbro29  +   1219d ago
This is the best article on N4G in a long long time.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1219d ago
DLC is good yet bad, good that they add more content to some amazing games but the bad because last gen, it was free and this gen, you have to most times pay for DLC.

On Disk is even more annoying for me since if it's on the disk, why can't it just be called bonus content or something and be free?
Yodagamer  +   1219d ago
It depends on the quality of the dlc, some things i'm okay with paying for, as for on disc dlc i think it should be free, i could understand why it might be locked as it might need some more polish and it didn't get polished before the release.
Soldierone  +   1219d ago
So Resident Evil 5 including an entire multiplayer portion of the game on the disc, but forcing you to pay 10 dollars to play it is okay? So every game in the future can do this? Include all portions of the game, but force you to pay for each portion?

What if COD did it? You go buy COD, but the zombies and multiplayer portion don't exist, so Treyarch claims "we are still working on it." Then within a month they release the "DLC" you pay 15 dollars EACH for both "expansions" then when you download it, its a little 6KB key, and when you play it you notice your PS3 constantly loading data off the disc. Would that be okay? You just paid 100 dollars for COD.

You either bite the PR's food they are feeding you, or you don't. DLC USED to be awesome. It was developed AFTER a game was done and ADDED to the game, so it was worth it. Whats the point of day one DLC? Its not adding anything to the game, its just giving you stuff that was already done. DLC should be new ideas the developer had after the game was released, new concepts, etc....NOT "hey lets just take this idea from the game and make them pay for it on day one!"

Would you buy a Blu-ray movie, if the very first day you popped it in they had a pop up on the screen "pay another 10 dollars to unlock all the special features on the disc, other wise enjoy the movie!" "want to see an alternate ending thats already been done? Pay 5 dollars!"
ginganinja  +   1219d ago
"want to see an alternate ending thats already been done? Pay 5 dollars!"

No, you'd pay full whack and they'd call it 'the directors cut'.
Soldierone  +   1219d ago
Directors Cut would come out a year later, when sales are declining, and include all the content. Just like GOTY editions lol
ginganinja  +   1219d ago
you're analogy is slightly out.
A GOTY edition is there to drum up sales from those who missed it first time around.
An extended cut/directors cut of a movie is there to get sales from established fans.
Dlacy13g  +   1219d ago
I find it kinda funny when people get all bent out of shape on this topic. I mean lets look at the reality of this on disc paid dlc. Its content that this game company xyz wants to charge you for...strike that...they are going to charge you for it. So does it really matter to you if its on the disc or they make you download it? They could easily just hold it off the disc like many companies are now doing and make you pay & download. Its one half dozen vs another half dozen if you ask me.
violents  +   1219d ago
I think dlc has a dark side and in the event of on disc pay to play locked files. Even if its not meant to say that companies are giving you a half finished game it still is going to look that way. I remeber before dlc days a game like CoD would have come with 20 muliplayer maps and now you get like 10 or so out of the box and they expect you to pay an extra 50 for the rest that are time released so you dont even get to spend as much time with said downloaded content as the rest of the game you purchased. It appears as though devs have realized that people will go with this type of system and they make more money in the long run. As a gamer with limited funds I pay close attention to this stuff and it seems more and more you are getting a planned short change. They sell you like 75% of a game and already have it planned from the get go that you are going to have to pay an additional fee to get the rest of it and that looks especially evident in games that have the files included on the disc that the main game comes on. (i also have this problem with patches as well, it makes me feel like they can half ass their testing procedures and put a game out that's full of bugs and just fix it later).

If you buy a car and the ability to roll down you window was locked out until you bought a code online to unlock it you'd be pretty pissed right. "but it still drives you around" they would tell you so you didn't get jipped. I bet you would have a different story then.
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GraveLord  +   1218d ago
Resident Evil 6 doesn't have on-disc DLC though.
FreakyFox  +   1218d ago
A simple concept really, for example:

A game is made into say 3 parts , main game , addon 1 and 2.

Now from the start they already know that they are going to charge for the DLC, so all the textures , maps(levels), and meshes etc etc, that are going to be used with the DLC can be put all onto the Disc until it's time for the DLC to be released.

Saving them time and money and, and saving us messing about downloading bigger patches.

Poor/Overpriced content on the other hand is a differnt story.
whitesoxfalife1976  +   1218d ago
@ginganinja no ur forgetting The first resident evil on ps1 had a director's cut

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