Major Nelson is the Paris Hilton of Xbox?

Peter Moore, formerly on the Xbox Team and now working at Electronic Arts, recently had some things to say about Major Nelson, comparing him to the Paris Hilton of Xbox. Well the Major has struck back via video.

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beoulve3692d ago

heheh I certainly dun want to see any Major nelson sextape.

MK_Red3692d ago

Bubble worthy comment.

Although I'm no fan of Major, I think this comparison is too cruel. Still, Moore FTW!

beoulve3692d ago

WOW i got a disagree.. LOL
look like someone just fell for Major nelson head over heel. Write him a love letter instead of waiting for his sex tape.

MK_Red3692d ago

Indeed LOL at disagrees.
Looks like 2 members really want to see that tape ;)

cow moolester3692d ago

Omg when I saw that on Inside Xbox I wet myself...that is one of the funniest things ever!!!!

Honeal2g3692d ago

Come on now ...i'd have to say calling him a Ugly Skinny Retard thats a little harsh. if they are referring to the paris i;m thinking of

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The story is too old to be commented.