How Gaikai and PlayStation Home Will Change Gaming Forever

Microsoft is banking on Xbox Live and Kinect as their game changer; Nintendo is counting on the Wii U GamePad and Nintendo TVii's social aspect as their 1-2 punch. But it seems as though Sony already has all the pieces of the puzzle and it's now just a matter of putting them together.

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GribbleGrunger1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Nice read, but some possibilities were overlooked. You mention HOME on the Vita, which I believe will come in the not too distant future, and as you say, through Gaikai. But what about Vita/PS3 integration? What about walking around HOME on your PS3 using your Vita as a controller. It could be used for chatting, typing, snapping pictures of your friends -- to hang on your apartment wall -- and menu access.

HOME is somewhat clunky, as you rightly point out. But, does it have to be? With Gaikai you would no longer need the HOME App on your hard drive. It could sit there merrily on the servers, utilise a PS3 cluster that enabled it to run smoothly, without load times, and be streamed straight onto your PS3 or Vita. This would allow for seamless integration between the Vita and the PS3 too. Expanding HOME would just be a matter of upgrading it server side and it could be done without a single load time.

Moving HOME wouldn't be so stressful either... (see what I did there?) Gaikai is appearing on many platforms from TVs to Laptops to mobile phones, so why not take HOME there too? In this way, HOME could be just as valuable to Sony as PSMobile.

Cupid_Viper_31627d ago

Funny you mention that, just yesterday I tried to see if I could use my Vita as a keyboard in home, so that would definitely be a welcomed addition.

And I think the somewhat clunky aspect is a major hurdle for Home right now, it makes it feel as though its lacking something. And no it definitely doesn't have to be, which is why I'm wondering if Gaikai can actually improve on that aspect in anyway.

Imagine you check your friend's list and see that your buddy is playing uncharted, you hope into home and go to his appartment and catch a live stream of it, and if he needs help, you just hop in seamlessly in co-op mode... The only thing is that he's on a PS3, you're on the Vita. One can dream right, lol

sikbeta1627d ago

There is nothing about this yet, why people is talking about changing gaming forever IF there is nothing even announced, some people hype things out of proportion with no reason.

Emilio_Estevez1627d ago

Interesting comment and article CV3. The idea of streaming live via PSHome to your friends is quite a fantastical one, but maybe not far off. I love watching people play games, I know I would use that.

hkgamer1624d ago


Next generatoion would need to be able to watch live streams of others playing.

It's just everyones expectations of something, like how some people are talking about the next xbox or PS4 specs.

Godmars2901627d ago

A bit of loading he says...

Though its easy to see where active streaming would make something like Home into a seamless experience. Including all types of game interaction.

Will users have to be pay for it is the question.

GribbleGrunger1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

No, it would still be free. HOME makes money from it's micro-transactions, so putting it on more devices would mean more money for Sony, and if it was all streamed from a central cluster (or even a beefed up PC), Access would be exactly the same for everyone at no extra cost to Sony. The only real technicality would be making sure that all the content people had bought from the 'installed' version was there for that user when they switched to the cloud version... but I can't see much of a problem there because the content would be linked to your username anyway.

Like I said, expanding HOME would be easy too. Let's say that one day you enter HOME square and a blue door appears. You walk to the blue door, turn the handle and shove (no load times, no delay). Immediately you are presented with another world to explore... an MMO for instance. This is the possibility of Gaikai and why it's the biggest thing since the invention of the console.

yesmynameissumo1627d ago

Loading is rather speedy for me, but I have 12GB cache enabled. Beauty of being able to put a $100 1TB drive in :)

SonyStyled1627d ago

i got speedy load times too. about 15 seconds and i got my original 60gb hdd in my console. maybe its because im using a wired connection, or maybe its that verizon fios

Ck1x1627d ago

Cloud gaming is definitely a wave of the future, but the infrastructure still seems a ways off from it being accepted as a mainstream way to game right now. Being so reliant upon broadband ISP providers is what will either hinder or help this growth, especially here in the states. Where throttling and data caps seems to be plaguing multi-media efforts in direct digital entertainment. Netflix is one thing, but we kind of eat the quality of the video streaming services, in favor of ease of use and on demand features. What would cloud gaming be like right now if this is anything to go by? I'm not so sure that many people are even comfortable with the idea of having to be connected to the web just to game. Online play is one thing, but what if my internet having problems and I just wanna pass some time away and can't. Now I'm not saying that this is the direction that Sony is going in, but I can see one of the major players releasing a digital only box in the not so distant future here...

The_Infected1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Couldn't they rebuild or totally revamp a more fun type of PS Home and not so realistic you know with very good graphics and a huge world with more streamlined gameplay with Gaikai? No loading or downloads. Imaging with Gaikai's power what a revamped PS Home could look like. The potential is amazing.

I think PS Home needs to be more Little Big Planet type of virtual world fun, cute, inspiring and less realistic to draw a more interesting virtual world.

jujubee881627d ago

I have never played PS HOME to in-depth, but it's pretty obvious that Gaikai's superservers can power a game bigger than Home (even the biggest PC MMO's yet to be unreleased could be run on Gaikai).

I like the idea of sitting down and watching a streamed video game on your PS3+TV set-up, than using a VITA (on remote-play mode) to chat w/ other people in the "cinema" and snapshot a video frame which you can than scribble on (ala "Paint Park") to highlight cool tricks, headshots, etc.

...And all of about 5 people will use it, I mean, considering Sony is not bundling VITA and PS3 together nor are Sony reducing VITA's upfront price to expand the audience. On top of that, Sony's marketing does not GET what the handheld experience on VITA is all about. (grumble grumble grumble) ~.~

chrisarsenalsavart1627d ago

Do you know how many people use home on a daily basis?
About 3 millions.
Not bad for something that STILL EXIST

Platinum_k1627d ago

I'm just saying that if it has improved that much from the last time I was there, then Sony should really advertise their product more.

SirBradders1627d ago

I was thinking the same, but this was a well wrote article. Has me interested now.

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