Sony to implement PS Blog In PS3's Information Board

The information Board on the PS3's XMB enables SCEA to communicate directly with PS3 users, delivering information to XMB on a regular basis about new content added to PLAYSTATION®Store, software releases, hardware news, firmware details and other updates. It has now been confirmed by Jeff Rubenstein of the PS Blog that the information board will be implemented into the RSS-like feature.

Frazz :
"Integrate this blog and the orange info bar on the ps3.Stupid to come out with a useless feature like that and not back it up.
Good update with the rating hopfully it will give a better idea of what we gamers want"

Jeff Rubenstein-
"Look for the Blog to start showing up on the info bar this week. Nice timing with that request. "

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wageslave3725d ago

Your correct. It was a good idea when Microsoft implemented the multimedia "Inside Xbox" feature.

News clips, videos, info and other stuff on the Dash.

3725d ago
THC CELL3725d ago

do a xmb forum that will be great

3725d ago
heyheyhey3725d ago


although i may be wrong- il check it out

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The story is too old to be commented.