New PS3 price shake-up: Offers start at £158

Retailers across the UK are revising their PS3 prices as a new 12GB model launches today.

Supermarkets and mail-delivery outlets appear to be offering the most competitive prices, with many dropping below the £160 mark.

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GribbleGrunger1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Some very nice deals here but something struck me when I read that headline: 'Retailers across the UK are revising their PS3 prices as a new 12GB model launches today. '. Last week we saw sales of the PS3 hit 115,000 in Europe and this week we saw them hit 106,000, so was that without the 12GB Slimmer? If so, then we could see another big sales figure for Europe next week too.

Dante1121809d ago

Yep, the new PS3 model is pretty hot over in Europe. Glad to see Sony moving consoles.

GribbleGrunger1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I've thought about that headline and perhaps I interpreted it wrong. I think it refers to the fact that now we have the standalones as opposed to just the bundles. But that still doesn't take away from what I said. The PS3 hit a quarter of a million sales this week and they could just hit that again next week.

shenpo_shin1808d ago

sony was always moving consoles in europe they dominate europe

Muffins12231808d ago

Thank god...i just sold my ps3 on eBay a few days i bet the guy who bought it from me is pissed now XD

GraveLord1808d ago

Do they count the weekend sales? The 12gig barely launched today so that's only 1 day of sales. Won't see much of a spike. Would be nice if sales are above 100k again though!

I love competition. This holiday will be VERY interesting with the launch of the Wii U!

SnakeCQC1808d ago

I'm really starting to dislike sony for the 12gb crap the us top tier 500gb works out the same price what a douche move

gaffyh1808d ago

EU always gets shafted on price due to certain tax laws. Still, I don't get why people are so bothered by the fact that Sony is offering a 12GB SKU. IMO it is a great move because it allows Sony to offer a unit at the cheapest price they possibly can to consumers, and you can upgrade HDD whenever you want to.

Kohven1808d ago Show
bladesofagony1808d ago

i am really waiting for this to hit India

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