Banjo Kazooie 3 coming late 2008

Microsoft Games Studio head Shane Kim revealed to MTV's Stephen Totilo at last week's DICE summit that Rare's Banjo Kazooie 3 is slated for a 2008 release. Said Kim, "I'm super-excited about what they're doing with Banjo' I think Banjo is going to be a big hit for us this holiday."

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zonetrooper53751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I can't wait for this game, gonna be just one of the funnest games coming out this year. =)

Edit: Sorry I meant funnest lol. The trailer I saw in X06 did make me laugh a few times tbh.

sonarus3751d ago

i wonder how you figured all that. i never really found banjo kazooie to be funny but back in my n64 days it was a great alternative to mario. This is definetly under my radar now hopefully they get to showing some gameplay

f7ss13751d ago

awesome! i had a blast with the old n64 banjoe

mikeslemonade3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

This better not be one of their "suprise" annoucements because this game was already annouced for the 360 during GDC or E3 last year. Kind of a lackluster annoucement here if you ask me.

wageslave3751d ago


"..this game was already annouced for the 360 during GDC or E3 last year. Kind of a lackluster annoucement here if you ask me"

HAhaha. They showed a little video, no gameplay. Announced no dates. Have said zero about gameplay or features or anything else about the game at all.

What we knew until this "late 08" news? That the game was being made.

Nice try to undermine people's anticipation for Banjoo, but, your going to have to work *much* harder than that. Maybe you should spend some time warming up --->

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Dark_Vendetta3751d ago

When are the holidays (which month)? Can't wait for this game but I said it often enough

Daishi3751d ago

November to December, sometimes late October for Christmas "months". Hopefully this is a sign that Rare might even bring back Conker!

Tsukasah3751d ago

One of the few games that make me want to get a 360. I Loved BK for 64, never played banjo tooie or what ever. I still play the original Banjo for 64 quite a bit. My only problem is the fact that playing BK with a 360 pad would be quite awkwards methnkz. I grew up with it on 64, and I dont really like the 360 controller anyways. I don't like the SIXAXIS or Wiimote either, but I also grew up with the DualShock so I'm more used to it. Anywho, if this game turns out to be good, and Gears 2 does I just may get a 360. I thought about getting one this weekend but I really don't want to pay for XBL.

darthv723751d ago

the silver membership will give you 95% of the live experience with the last 5% being the actual competitive online aspect. To some it may be a higher percentage but to me I prefer the other stuff like live arcade, demos and videos and tv. You dont need to be a paid subscriber to get dlc for games unless the content is multiplayer related.

wageslave3751d ago

"BK with a 360 pad would be quite awkwards "

Huh? No one has played the game yet -- or even seen a stitch of gameplay. How do you know how its going to be controlled? or feel with the Xbox 360 controller?

The basics of controlling 3D games is pretty established. Look with one stick, move with another stick. Press buttons. And, the ergonomics of this:

Was pretty much a low-point in controller design.

While this: is regarded as the high-mark..

When was the last time you used an N64 controller? Im sure you've adapted pretty well to your PS3 controller just fine, that you'll have no trouble playing the game on someone else's Xbox 360 when Banjoo Kazooie ships.

Tsukasah3751d ago

Last time I used a 64 controller was actually today, playing banjo kazooie... right after that comment really. I'm just saying it would be strange to play a game I grew up with on an entirely different console, with next-gen graphics, and I'm just... used to the 64 for these kinda games. It's already awkward for me to play MKII on a PS controller, as I'm used to the SNES. Sure.. the idea is still the same. Use the sticks to move and camera rotations, press buttons to do stuff. But it's just the whole fact that I'm playing on a different controller than what I'm used to. Sure, I may get used to it, but my main point is that it's just gunna be weird playing the game on 360 if i do end up getting one.

princejb1343751d ago

not a big fan of BK i prefer mario anyday, also since 360 is mostly a harcore machine i higly doubt this game is gonna sell big
but hey who am i to say
mayb it will may it wont

power of Green 3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

The 360 fanbase demographics are diverse, it has the greatest genre diversity. Not flaming just look at the lineup for a common sense look.

Will it sell 4 to 10 million copies? probably not because the games that do sell 4-10 million copies everybody buys in every demograhpic in the 360 fanbase.

A platformer will do better on a console when people actaully buy the console for platformers( nintendo is fine example of platformers being successfull on a platformer specific consoles having the worlds most popular and oldest platformers help too).

heyheyhey3751d ago

BK has many fans so it probably will sell 1mil

but it will have trouble exceeding 2mil+

Rocko3751d ago

I love Banjo as much as Mario.

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