Forbes: The Future of Videogames + 10 Future Classic Games

How will games (and gamers) be different a decade from now?

Predicting the future is never easy, and it's particularly difficult in the fast-paced world of videogames. But the runaway success of the Wii highlights some trends that will be very important over the next decade, as the gaming industry matures and becomes more mainstream.

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chester3751d ago

"Another bold prediction: Within 10 years, guilds formed on "War of Warcraft" or other online games will become offline political forces. Especially in Asia, look for these groups to start agitating for social change."

war of warcraft. i love these articles.

PLAYWATCH3750d ago

Just wasted a whole 3 mins reading this garbage..

I am not and never was a fanboy but reading articles like these over and over again that are manipulated to be misleading forces me to side with Sony's PS3..

How come I hardly ever come across FUD and Slandering Articles on XBox360?

ban fans3750d ago

not a totally bad read. It is nice to see video games getting press outside of the niche market. I don't feel the writer did enough research into the market as a whole to make some of his sweeping generalizations. I've been researching and playing games for about 20 years now, and it always strikes me as amusing when people act like this is a "new" thing. Yes, it is a relatively young media, but they make it sound like it just popped up a couple years ago. It makes me wonder if they realize the average age of gamers is in their 30's.