Mass Effect 3 - The War For Omega Begins


Disturbing reports from the Citadel suggest that something big is about to go down. If our Intel is accurate, Aria is on the move. This was anticipated, as we did not expect her to sit idly by while Cerberus ran roughshod over Omega. With her biotic capabilities and well-documented mean streak, what happens next won’t be pretty.

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MikeMyers1984d ago

The title should read "timed-exclusive".

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LNDCalling1984d ago

Sorry I accidently disagreed and couldn’t correct it so I bubbled you up instead! :)

Kalowest1984d ago

I wonder is all of the ME3 DLC, going to be on the ME Trilogy.

TCG_Returns1984d ago

FFvs13 & dawnguard.

Yeah so what? Couple people bitching on gaming sites.Big deal.I'm talking actual death threats and talks of boycotts on the forums.It was bad when ME2 was inbound to PS3.Worse when ME3 was coming, but now it's just sad lol.

Same with everything else as well.Star ocean will never come to PS3, Dead island will always be exclusive, lost & damned, BOGT, bioshock, ninja gaiden etc etc etc.

Years and years of crying by the 360 fanboys.So pathetic lol.Oh my god..when Bungie went multi i thought there would be mass suicides by the hate on their forums LOL

SonyNGP1984d ago

Nice one siding, broski.

KaBaW1984d ago

You're just delusional, lol. Sony 'fanboys' have done death threats, too.
I've also heard of PS3 fanboys boutta commit suicide cause a game went multi.

That is sad. Neither 'side' are better than each other.

trunksthestampede1984d ago

ME Blog:

"Mass Effect 3: Omega (Single-player DLC) – Coming November 27th to PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 (November 28th to PS3 in Europe)."


Gamer19821984d ago

Meh weeks exclusitivity? Has this what its come to for MS? Do they really think getting a few weeks of exclusive DLC is going to help sell consoles? I don't think so and it makes you wonder how much MS paid for this..

MikeMyers1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Upset? What an odd thing to say since I still have the Xbox 360 Collectors Edition for the first Mass Effect and my Xbox Live Gamertag used to be the N7 avatar that came with the package.

I was clarifying the topic title since if you read the details within it it says "While it may be Xbox 360-exclusive on launch, PS3 and PC gamers will no doubt be able to download it a few weeks after it’s available."

So please keep your PS3 or 360 fanboy comments to yourself. That's not why I corrected the title.

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Thefreeman0121984d ago

Does it change the ending? No? Okay don't bother

InTheLab1984d ago

That's great for the 6 people still playing Mass Effect 3...

grifter0241984d ago

I didn't really care enough for Aria to actually want to play her for 1200 ms points. Such a waste of a DLC.

shenpo_shin1984d ago

get it for the pc for free then lol

bad naruto1984d ago

"the content will be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive"

Microsoft will never learn there lesson.

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andibandit1984d ago

I hate it too, but what lesson exactly, are we talking about?. COD is alot more popular on 360 than PS3, because nobody wants to play yester-years news, and I actually think MS is raking in alot of money on this.

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CynicalKelly1984d ago

LOL @ your reply to GhostMLD

How dare he have an opinion! He must be getting paid to have a different opinion than you!

1984d ago
nrvalleytime1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

"Microsoft will never there lesson."

Their. Their lesson.

Grammar nazi out.

Edit: @bad naruto

no worries man. It's a problem of mine - OCD a little.

bad naruto1984d ago

sorry English is not my first language, thanks though.

jd6661984d ago

They have to do it cos they've got nothing else going for them!!

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