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Romudeth writes:

"At EA’s “Naughty or Nice” press event I got to get some hands on time with both the console and handheld versions of Criterion games’ upcoming racer, Need For Speed: Most Wanted."

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KUV19772050d ago

"The PS Vita version was almost indistinguishable from its console counterpart. The game looks as gorgeous as it does on an HDTV and plays just as well. What’s cool is that points earned on the Vita can be transferred over to the PS3 version and vice versa. This is going to easily be the best racing game on a handheld when it’s released."


Septic2050d ago

Wow, that is brilliant. Its great to see devs really elaborating on the Cross-play type of initiative on the VITA. Its quite handy transferring points over to different platforms.

GribbleGrunger2050d ago

Bubbles to you sir for posting the most significant quote.

geelemo2050d ago

if vita can achieve this quality of graphics then
later on in its lifecycle it will be producing...
Exactly the same thing happened to the psp

dark-hollow2050d ago

The SGX543MP4+ pack some serious power. I won't be surprised if vita games looked on par with uncharted 2-3 along the road (its might be possible especially because of the vita resolution)

Sanquine902050d ago

If this is true... I will cry of happyness:D

r212050d ago

One of the reasons why i love my vita. Why dont people buy more vitas!

rpd1232050d ago

Cause Sony sucks at marketing it. It's a shame, I love the Vita so much and there are a lot of people who've never heard of it. Say what you will about Nintendo, at least they market the hell out of the DS line.

mafiahajeri2050d ago

Sad no cross buy Im getting this on console.

Cam9772050d ago

Vita version for me then!