Tanya Byron, splatting aliens and sociopaths

A prominent opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph cracks down on Gordon Brown for employing Dr. Tanya Byron to carry out her investigation into the availability of violent video games.

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BlackCountryBob3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

This hurts me to say but I actually agree with something in the Telegraph, its not a nice feeling to say that.

Apart from the bad research (games are not played by 9 year old boys exclusively) this is a good article, blessed with thought and insight to recognise that games are not an endemic problem in modern society but just a whipping boy.

The Brown government, just like the Blair one before it seems to pride itself on pandering to tabloid hysteria and generally butting its nose in where its not appreciated. Its good to know that the Byron review which will be adopted by our parliament of 630 MPs are able to recommend that for the good of humanity parents should keep games out of their kids bedrooms. Maybe we could get a MP review to show that MP' shouldn't steal taxpayers money to buy themselves HD TVs but obviously as we all know children seeing on TV and reading about the leaders of our nation committing fraud on a massive scale doesn't give kids ideas to do wrong, does it? Damn I love hypocrisy.

Dear Mr Brown

Get the hospitals clean and working efficiently, make schools actually teach kids something, fill in the holes in the roads, abolish tuition fees, renationalise the electric, gas and water companies, stop bombing other nations and torturing their citizens and do something about the huge alcohol abuse problem blighting our country, when all this important stuff is done you can start telling parents how to raise their children properly.



PS: Stopping Scottish MP's from being able to vote on English only issues would also be something to get done before you start parenting the nation.

PPS: Very sorry for the rant and poor punctuation of this post everyone but this stuff gets me so damn angry.

Tempist3785d ago

Seems like soon Canada and Japan will be the only video game sanctuaries (well technically Japan is nirvana for videogames without limits).

England mulling game bans. Australia all up ons some video games (Manhunt 2). American gamers and EA v Fox news and 'SexBox'. Like seriously, I don't need someone telling me what's good and what's bad for me. Lets let nature take it's course, if I foul-up, I do. Lesson to be learned there.

I don't envision 10 year olds running to the local game store to buy as many copies of Mass Effect as they can. Hell, I don't envision many 10 year olds having the 60+ to buy games or the consoles. I've had game systems since I was like 12, and you know who bought my games or took me to buy game? MY PARENTS. Those primary overseers. They damn well knew what I had and what I was getting into, hell I'm still hassled about playing Conan, and I'm a freaken' adult.

I know this is not the end of articles and the debates, but from now on, I swear I'm going to make and e-mail an image to the writers of the dirtiest group orgy I can find with a case picture of Mass Effect and between them will be the old 'NOT EQUAL' sign.

If that will not get a strong message across, I do not know what will.