Super Smash Bros. Brawl WiiWare channel in pipeline? - Rumour

As if Nintendo hasn't packed enough into Super Smash. Bros Brawl already, rumour has it that a new WiiWare channel will soon be launching to provide players with a host of downloadable extras.

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l Drop Dead Ed l3720d ago

Do they really have to? Not really considering people are going to buy this regardless and spend countless hours playing this beast of a game. I really hope they do this because there's a lot of money in doing this i think considering I always end up with 100-300 wii points leftover. Could be nice spending it on characters or a SSBB package deal.

Eamon3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

So there will be DLC for Brawl?

DLC characters could include characters from:
Sonic Series?
Metal Gear Solid series?

PS360WII3720d ago

Hmm mixed feelings. I'm happy but jaded unless a harddrive comes out. I've been maxed out on memory for a bit now. I even needed to delete a VC game to save my Endless Ocean file :(

Night4ll3720d ago

I welcome this with open arms (and wallet)...

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