Team Talk: Console Wars

After the unexpected departure of Warner Bros. from the HD DVD camp, the next-generation optical disc format war seems to have ended. After June 1, when Warner Bros. will start releasing all of its high-definition movies only on Blu-ray Disc, Sony's next-generation DVD format will account for 70 percent of the high-definition market.

For most analysts, Blu-ray Disc will win the war in 2008.

How does this affect the console wars, in which Sony used the PlayStation 3 to impose the Blu-ray Disc format and Microsoft obviously set up in the opposite camp?

It's funny that we are now asking this question, considering the fact that, until Warner Bros' switch, it was the other way around.

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Kleptic3537d ago

Spielberg did all 3 Indiana Jones movies...and is doing the fourth...Part of the paramount deal was that Spielberg was free to do what he wanted with franchises/films that he had considerable control of which being the Indiana Jones films...those were never going to be HD DVD exclusive...I guess that is my point...

feejo3537d ago

Playstation rule again.

damnwrx3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

And it was never the other way around, it was always Blu from the beginning....FTW, anyways it's game over.

Nykamari3537d ago

PS3 tells X360 to.........

NiteWarrior3537d ago

Well the ps3 is really encouraging the consumer to get blu ray movies while the 360 only gives you an option at HD. I think most owners of the ps3 will want to support blue ray because they own a blu ray player but you cannot say the same about the 360 consumer. The only way to persuade people to stop using DVD's is to sort of "force them" to the next gen format.

cmrbe3537d ago

but rather you have the option too. If you have a PS3 and a HD TV. Why not watch movies in High def?.

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