Yakuza 5 Gameplay Footage

2 new Yakuza 5 gameplay footage have just been released. Check them out.

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wishingW3L1592d ago

graphics are a pretty big improvement over Y3 & Y4. They finally fixed the broken draw-distance and the NPC's appearing and disappearing when moving the camera around. @_@

darthv721591d ago

i am thinking sega will never go back to making a real shenmue 3. They have invested so much more into creating this series that it may not be advantageous for them to do so.

I will have to start from the beginning on this one. I hear good things about it.

SaiyanFury1591d ago

Yeah I was impressed how lifelike Kamuro town looked when Kiryu was walking down the street. People walking about naturally, as well as the traffic up in Sapporo when Saejima was walking around the streets. PLEASE bring this over SEGA. I'm a lifetime (series lifetime) fan of the series. Please bring over the HD collection as well. I want to be able to play the original game without the terrible and out of place english voice acting.

HarryMasonHerpderp1591d ago

Cars driving through the city! lol also, snow!
Can't wait for this game.

yewles11591d ago

Must... have... must... have... NOW!!!!

MrDead1591d ago

need English version release date.

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