Game bad guys you didn't want to kill

Gamesradar takes a look at the top 7 gaming murders that left a bad taste in our mouth.

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Mr_Kuwabara3537d ago

Long live The Boss!

And it was actually pretty sad killing the colossi, I mean really now, they were just defending themselves from your own selfish desires, plus he had the sword that pwnd so they had to do something.

Mr_Kuwabara3537d ago

Hence the "Long live the Boss!" mention. =P

RecSpec3537d ago

I think The Boss tops everything on this list. How could you not feel torn apart after the end of MGS3.

sonarus3536d ago

maybe am jst heartless but f the boss. That b!tch was hard as hell to kill lol. Plus she broke snakes arm like twice plus shot out his eye. Common that hoe had to go. Who i was really sad about killing was in God of war that one guy that was in a cage that had to be sacrificed felt kinda bad for the dude cus he begged and begged if there was another way i wouldnt have done it lol

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ChickeyCantor3537d ago

yes the collosi, =(...although they deserved it for being so freaking EASY >=(

Alcohog3537d ago

True that to the Colossi. Also it kinda felt odd killing Solidus in MGS2 since he really had good intentions, just with savage methods. In fact in MGS4 you're working toward the same goal that Solidus was in MGS2.

Mr_Kuwabara3537d ago

Solidus is by far the less selfish of the Snakes. Heck even Big Boss' had selfish reasons to his actions just as Liquid. He really wasn't a bad guy once you understand what his true intentions were, but if you side with Ocelot, you're siding with the devil in physical form.

picker3323537d ago

They forgot Vergil in Dmc3.though never really know if he really died.

Mr_Kuwabara3537d ago

I see you've never played the first game of the series eh....


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The story is too old to be commented.