Mandatory install size revealed for PS3 exclusive RPG, Time and Eternity

The mandatory install size has been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive role-playing game from Namco Bandai Games, Time and Eternity (also known as Toki to Towa).

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Blastoise1382d ago

Chunky file size. But nothing too major. Bulletstorm and Resident evil 5 Gold are free with PS+ right now and they take up more space each.

Game's looking good though, graphically atleast. Don't know too much about it at the moment

G33K1382d ago

WTF.jpeg Where do you live the I just got another shitty 2d sidescroller

caseh1382d ago

Lol you talking about the RE5 and Bulletstorm freebies on PSN+?

We got em in the EU, im downloading em now so I would assume all regions have them.

SoundGamer1381d ago


PS+ content varies from region to region.

North America doesn't get half of the stuff that EU gets with PS+ and vice-versa.

Although I have been a little envious of the stuff that Europe gets. Meh....

caseh1381d ago


Lol the irony, i've been envious of the stuff the US PSN store has on several occasions. :)

Sokol1382d ago

Not a problem, every PS3 has plenty of HDD for installs. It makes the game put less stress in the lens anyway.

LiViNgLeGaCY1382d ago

Whoa, more importantly, where did THIS game come from? Why haven't I heard of it until now? Just looked at some screens and now I'm excited for it! It looks absolutely gorgeous!

hkgamer1382d ago

Agree, never heard of this game before. Maybe the using the same engine Cyberconnect uses for Naruto games.

naruto storm games are arguably the best cel-shaded anime(Borderlands is not anime looking) looking games, this looks on par.

skrug1382d ago

the characters are 2D sprites with 3D background

Kratoscar20081382d ago

This one isnt cel-shaded, this uses 2d hand drawed artwork.

Either way im excited.

hkgamer1381d ago


LOL... maybe I am too drunk, didn't notice they wwere 2D sprites.
No wonder they looked so good.

I wonder who disagreed with your comment.

skrug1381d ago


I didn't realize it at first either lol

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Magnus1382d ago

I hope Namco ports the game to North America it looks very interesting. I could careless about the install size of the game as long as the gameplay, music and story fix my JRPG addiction.

BlaqMagiq241382d ago

Well you're in luck Namco announced a 2013 release for NA. I look forward to this too.

izumo_lee1382d ago

This game comes out next week in Japan & i am very interested to see how well it does over there.

Imageepoch took a lot of chances by making this game...actual hand drawn 2D animated characters in a 3 dimensional space has not been done to this extent so it will be kinda cool to play this next year.

If they release that special edition that they are selling in Japan over here there is no doubt that no matter the price i will buy it!!!

These games are what i love to play a lot like Agarest War, Neptunia, Ar Tonelico etc.