Nintendo Won’t Say For Sure: New Super Mario Bros. U Might Not Support 1080p HD After All

The still-developing official site for New Super Mario Bros. U recently stated that the launch title would support full 1080p HD graphics, but apparently, Nintendo is not ready to make up its mind on the issue, because now the site has changed that statement.

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ChickeyCantor2049d ago

Wasn't the issue that they said "720p"?

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kB02048d ago

The problem in my eyes is, this console is already out of day before it even launches.

Even the Ps3 and 360 were late for the HD world, seeing as when they came out 1080p started becoming standard for HD TVs.
6-7 years later and the Wii.U is joining the 720p ranks?

I know its about the games and I'm going to love playing Zombie.U and NSMBU, but I just can't justify the price tag anymore.

FOr 300+ dollars I'd rather invest in a console that has already set itself up in the market and already has a vaster amount of titles.

Looks like I'm waiting for 150-200 (250$ Max) price range before I buy a wiiU.

Hopefully the unit truly is 1080p, I hate playing sub resolution.

Salamander2048d ago

300$ is bloody cheap for a new console, im going to go ahead and assume you dont already own a ps3 or Xbox360, since you would rather invest in one of those. But if im getting a new console that will(god willing) provide 5+ years of gaming then 300$ is bugger all. Im willing to bet the value i get for that price is gonna go above and beyond.

kB02048d ago

300$ in this economic turmoil is not cheap. don't forget tax + the extra controllers (since it's a Nintendo console it BENEFITS HEAVILY from couch gaming <3)

Add 60$ games I mean it's not just a purchase your investing.

I'm not saying that there haven't been more expensive consoles out there, but the technology generally matched the release.

The base console should be 200-250$ launch since a lot of the NEXT GEN tech is being invested in that screen controller.

Again I will get this eventually but i can't afford to invest anymore. I'll wait till it has built up a library, I'm not carrying consoles anymore. (Obviously this is the same situation for 720 and PS4, unless they are priced at 300$ in which I guess its a good investment with the tech they are "promising" but I highly doubt those consoles will be sub 400$).

deafdani2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

"For 300+ dollars I'd rather invest in a console that has already set itself up in the market and already has a vaster amount of titles."

You could've employed the same exact argument when the PS3 / Xbox 360 came out, you know.

"$600 for a PS3? For that money I can buy a PS2 and about 10 games".

At least with the Wii U the price difference with current consoles isn't actually that big, and a big part of it is because the Wii U isn't insanely more powerful, it has similar specs overall, plus a new controller.

To me, that price is perfectly justified. I will just be happy to play Nintendo's superb first party titles on HD.

You're right when you say it's weird to see Nintendo not commiting to full HD games at launch. But that doesn't mean the Wii U isn't capable of that. Black Ops 2 is already confirmed to run at 1080p and 60fps, something current consoles can't do. So, it baffles me why Nintendo doesn't make their games run at full HD with 60fps as well, but that doesn't indicate the machine can't do it.

My educated guess regarding that rather funny decision would be that Nintendo is a newcomer when it comes to developing games for HD consoles. Maybe they toned it down intentionally because they want to get used to the hardware, get accustomed to it, before going full force. I expect the next 3D Mario game and next Zelda and next Metroid to look stupidly awesome, with 1080p graphics running at 60fps and everything.

DeadlyFire2048d ago

Does Mario really need to be 1080? Can't it just be upscaled from 720. Graphics don't really change that much for Mario. I wouldn't mind seeing him in 480 or 1080. Won't matter to me. He has always been a mark for a fun series. I started gaming with Super Mario Bros. for NES.

kB02048d ago

Not on a next gen console.

Look at it this way, do you like the idea of getting a console LAUNCH that can't do 1080p? Usually if it can't do launch 1080p and for a simple game like mario then I can't expect any game that will do 1080p unless its a downloadable.

Neonridr2048d ago

Xbox and PS3 still don't do 1080p - take CoD for example, it runs at like 640p which isn't even 720 yet. Face it, the Wii U can do 720/1080 at 60 frames per second. If the 360 or PS3 want to do 720p they have to drop the framerate to 30 frames per second, and even then it isn't steady (look at how much Skyrim stutters at times).

DragonKnight2048d ago

@Neonridr: Wipeout HD says hi.

DeadlyFire2048d ago

Not saying I don't believe the console can't do 1080, but just saying Mario doesn't really need to be 1080p.

Nintendo is likely aiming for a 720/1080 generation with WiiU. I expect the games will vary between the two formats along the way.

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-Mika-2048d ago

Yep. It 2012. It should easily be able to do 1080p.

wishingW3L2048d ago

probably just trying to bypass an up-scaled 1080p as native.

TheLyonKing2048d ago

TBH this is my least favorite game I am looking forward to play on the wii U, it is just an HD mario with really no innovation, so it can be pixel blocks fro all I care.

deafdani2048d ago

"It is just an HD mario".

SOLD. Regardless of resolution, it still will be a bloody lot of fun. Heck, New Super Mario Bros 2 is a blast to play, despite it being the lowest rated New Super Mario Bros game to date.

Fishy Fingers2048d ago

What self respecting Mario fan would consider playing one of his games in anything less than 1080p. Nintendo have to forget about making fun titles and give us the tech specs we desperately crave in order to enjoy our games.

kB02048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

sarcasm is a little stale, the fact that we're investing in next gen should reflect what we buy.

There are plenty of games that match the previous 720p and are fun as well.

With next gen coming out I can't see why Nintendo can't do both? Can they no multitask?

A good example is Pokemon actually...managing to sell no matter what even with it's engine recycled since 1999. You can say it's been upgraded but seriously by how much? It's the Call of Duty effect, even COD only had about 6 years of recycling.

I had to say no to both games at one point:), Next pokemon I buy will be a 3D world explorer, next COD I buy...well I'm not buying the next cod lol I doubt we'll see anything ground breaking.

So the point is, don't give just bare minimum, Nintendo is taking our hard earned cash and they should give us a next gen console that matches our screen resolution. They've been able to do this up until Game Cube, what the hell happened after?

ronin4life2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Last I checked, people are buying the next gen console for the promise of fun games, regardless of graphics. The available software justifies the purchase, not some floaty perception of potential visual capability or rather what that capability *should* be.

The value comes from the SOFTWARE quality and hardware stability, Not the other way around. That's why the 3ds sells better than the vita, and why the psp sells better than the vita. Good games are the reason we buy consoles.

Smashbro292048d ago

A game can be fun and have technical excellence. Stop being such a fanboy, if Nintendo wants to release a game that looks this simple for their new console in 2012 it's not crazy to want 1080p support.

That being said I'd much rather have 60FPS than 1080p.

ronin4life2048d ago

Yes. But I think too many are focusing on tech specs over actual game design. Many just to have a weapon against whatever company they are railing against at the moment.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Shame on Nintendo if they can't do both.

Take example on Rayman Origins and go full hd and lots of fun.

They proclaim Wii U has better capability than current generation, well show it with 1080P on all in house games...especially 2D games!

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