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'Cypher' Review - Fun With High-Tech Low-Lifes Comes At A Price | The Indie Game Magazine

"Text-based adventure games, or interactive fiction, have largely declined in popularity over the last few decades. The decline is mainly to blame on the fact that video game systems have evolved to become capable of delivering a more visually engaging experience, as opposed to the simple graphical user interfaces that most text-based games feature. Players want beautiful scenery and colorful characters, they want to see worlds come alive and they want interaction within these worlds. Sales show that consumers would rather be handed an experience, than have to imagine one. And really, I didn't blame them. The way I saw it, you would not go to a movie theater and expect to sit in the dark for 2 hours, listening to sound effects and having to visualize the experience, so why should a player have to visualize their gaming experience based off of sentences and limited visuals?" - Tom Christiansen (Cypher, PC) 70/100

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