Why Resident Evil Should Never Have Left Nintendo

Some of you may be reading this and thinking “what the heck is this dude smoking?”, well I’ll tell you exactly what I’m smoking: the deadly toxic poison of truth.

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PirateThom1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

This is, maybe, the most ridiculously fanboyish article I have ever read. I'm assuming it's a joke though.

Bumpmapping1891d ago

More like "Why Resident Evil Should Never Have went Multiplatform".All the main ones in the series were exclusives RE1-RE4 four best ones in the series.After that RE5-RE6 just keep going downhill cater to the shooter crowd.

Coolmanrico1890d ago

I dont know,
Neither Re4, Recv, nor Re2 were exclusive.

Kurylo3d1890d ago

i played through re3 and re cv on my sega dreamcast :)

LightofDarkness1890d ago

None of the main series was exclusive. RE came out on PC and Saturn shortly after PSX, RE2/3 went multiplat about a year after their initial release, same with RE4. That's really because they had smaller teams back then and could only concentrate on one platform at a time. The only games that stayed relatively platform specific were RE 0 and REmake (fantastic games).

It's not about being multiplatform, that's more of a symptom than a cause. The cause was, simply put, greed + envy. They saw all the money western developers were making with their watered down Hollywood style experiences, and they wanted in. The creativity has long since left Capcom too, because they place unrealistic demands on people.

1upgamer991891d ago

I loved RESIDENT EVIL on the CUBE...The last EPIC Resident Evil was #4. I liked 5 BUT it should not have been a Resident Evil game. Capcom could have done some AWESOME things on this Gens systems with Res Evil, But they haven't. I Have not played 6, but friends of mine have it and are let down to say the least.

smashcrashbash1891d ago

Yeah what kind of ill informed person are you? RE was on Sony's systems and those are the ones people feel in love with. You can't be serious.

KingWilly1051890d ago

It's pretty obvious it's a parody of actual fanboys, that seems to be site's 'shtick' judging from it's other articles.

Pretty cool, actually. Reminds me of Colbert and the Daily Show (as well as various other posters here).

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The story is too old to be commented.