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Submitted by wishingW3L 1213d ago | opinion piece

Why Resident Evil Should Never Have Left Nintendo

Some of you may be reading this and thinking “what the heck is this dude smoking?”, well I’ll tell you exactly what I’m smoking: the deadly toxic poison of truth. (GameCube, Resident Evil, Wii, Wii U)

bad naruto   1213d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
PirateThom  +   1213d ago
This is, maybe, the most ridiculously fanboyish article I have ever read. I'm assuming it's a joke though.
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Bumpmapping  +   1213d ago
More like "Why Resident Evil Should Never Have went Multiplatform".All the main ones in the series were exclusives RE1-RE4 four best ones in the series.After that RE5-RE6 just keep going downhill cater to the shooter crowd.
Coolmanrico  +   1213d ago
I dont know,
Neither Re4, Recv, nor Re2 were exclusive.
Kurylo3d  +   1213d ago
i played through re3 and re cv on my sega dreamcast :)
LightofDarkness  +   1213d ago
None of the main series was exclusive. RE came out on PC and Saturn shortly after PSX, RE2/3 went multiplat about a year after their initial release, same with RE4. That's really because they had smaller teams back then and could only concentrate on one platform at a time. The only games that stayed relatively platform specific were RE 0 and REmake (fantastic games).

It's not about being multiplatform, that's more of a symptom than a cause. The cause was, simply put, greed + envy. They saw all the money western developers were making with their watered down Hollywood style experiences, and they wanted in. The creativity has long since left Capcom too, because they place unrealistic demands on people.
1upgamer99  +   1213d ago
I loved RESIDENT EVIL on the CUBE...The last EPIC Resident Evil was #4. I liked 5 BUT it should not have been a Resident Evil game. Capcom could have done some AWESOME things on this Gens systems with Res Evil, But they haven't. I Have not played 6, but friends of mine have it and are let down to say the least.
smashcrashbash  +   1213d ago
Yeah what kind of ill informed person are you? RE was on Sony's systems and those are the ones people feel in love with. You can't be serious.
KingWilly105  +   1212d ago
It's pretty obvious it's a parody of actual fanboys, that seems to be site's 'shtick' judging from it's other articles.

Pretty cool, actually. Reminds me of Colbert and the Daily Show (as well as various other posters here).
abzdine  +   1213d ago
what a stupid article.. go learn about RE before you waste our time.
tigertron  +   1213d ago
Resident Evil has always been a multiplatform game. At the beginning you had RE1 on the PS1, Sega Saturn,and they were even working on a GBC version. RE2 was out on even more platforms like the N64 and PC.

I never considered the franchise to be exclusive to Nintendo, or even Sony for that matter.

Resident Evil went downhill because of Capcom, not because they 'betrayed' Nintendo.
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Drainage  +   1213d ago
yea once ZombiU makes RE6 look like an E-rated Disney movie with some micheal bay co-production, people will realize this guy was right
vikingland1  +   1213d ago
Thats one of the dumbest headlines I've ever read.
FinalomegaS  +   1213d ago
he has succeeded in his goal.

dumb move but smart.
r21  +   1213d ago
I read through the article and saw that the author...was a Nintendo fansheep? Is this like a joke article or is it serious?
jambola  +   1213d ago
i agree with this actually.
resident evil 1 on gamecube turned it from the non-scary bad acting game it was and improved it in an unbelievable way.
then 0 came along and still scary and great.
Benjamminkno  +   1212d ago
RE1 remake doesn't get any better. Capcom could just put different characters, in different mansions, different puzzles and boss battles... I'd probably be happier with that.
Sanquine90  +   1213d ago
The Sheep is a die-hard Nintendo fanboy. Having grown up with Nintendo games, he can’t imagine how anyone can not like Mario and the classic Nintendo franchises. He owns a full collection of Nintendo plushies which he poses accordingly ..... Dude, please for the love of god.. If Ninty had Naughty dog they would destroy uncharted;) Same idea
FinalomegaS  +   1213d ago
Resident evil, Capcom (M) franchise.

Since Capcom are well known for spreading their goods all over, the initial system makes no difference but which team was behind the development.

RE on everything from Gameboy color to Dreamcast, N64,CGN,PSX and so on.

I just want a cross platform RE...

When it comes to fans and a specific franchise, they can always cry foul. So many other franchises have jump to an other system. Times change and so does the people behind the decisions on where the franchise should go or stay.

Like Turok, after part2 on the N64 the whole thing went down.
Smashbro29  +   1213d ago
Fanboyism: The Article
Neonridr  +   1213d ago
I don't think the author ever stated that Resident Evil started on a Nintendo platform. I think he is referring to the fact that the ones that did come out on the Nintendo platforms were the better versions (RE: remake, RE0, RE4).
Eyeco  +   1213d ago
RE 0 wasn't that great of a game it was ok, i'll give credit to RE: Remake which was great,.

And as for RE4 that would be a valid argument if it wasn't ported to the 360/PS3 , because honestly the only thing that made RE4 better on Gamecube were the SLIGHTLY sharper, cleaner graphics, which are now better on the HD platforms.

The whole myth that Resident Evil was better on Nintendo platforms is ludicrous seeing as the only game in the series that stood out and still stands on a Nintendo console was the Remake and thats all it was a Remake.
Benjamminkno  +   1212d ago
It wasn't "just a remake". It was the creators true vision for the game. And it's the best of the series. The article was a joke, for those with no sense of humor.
Eyeco  +   1212d ago
The remake was a great game but calling it the best is subjective, IMO the best in the series could either go to 2, 4 or my personal favourite Code Veronica X.

Thats why I think its hilarious when ninty fans always claim Resident Evil as being the best on their systems because the reality is you could only make that assumption on just one game and even then its still highly subjective because the titles I mentioned could easily qualify as the best in the series and they were all multiplatform.

And yes I'm aware the article is a joke it just isn't a very funny joke, more like a troll article if anything.
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Digimortal  +   1212d ago
This Article makes sense but he isn't doing a good job of explaining a few aspects. First allow me to explain.

He's talking about the GC since the GC had the best RE version out there, 0, REmake and 4. Mikami didn't want RE4 on the PS2 and Capcom screwed him over because of it. That's why Mikami left the franchise. Now lets put this in perspective here. If Mikami would of had it his way. We would of had a REmake for 2 and 3 by now. Yet i can't say for sure if they would of came out on GC or the Wii. Not sure. Mikami LOVED the GC hardware, that's why 0 and the REmake never came out for the other consoles. Ported to the Wii yes, but HD version will never be made due to this reason.
Ck1x  +   1212d ago
Well I think its obviously a fan driven article to begin with, but he does have a few points though. In recent memories since the launch of the GC, Nintendo platforms have received some of the better RE games. REmake1, RE0, RE4, RE4Wii, RE Darkside Chronicles and RE Revelations. While all may not be stellar titles, they are pretty much the best this series has to offer so far.
YoungPlex  +   1212d ago
When RE was on PS1 it was one of the best games I played that generation. When the remade RE on Gamecube, I was dumbfounded but excited that one of my favorite games was actually getting remastered. After I played it I was blown away at how great it came out. Then Nintendo got another exclusive RE called RE:0, which basically used the same engine but was a completely new title for the series. If that wasn't enough Capcom then released the groundbreaking RE:4 on the Gamecube, which is probably the best RE title since the Gamecube remake. The Wii got a RE:4 port with updated motion controls and two other RE titles that scored fairly well. After that the 3DS got two exclusive RE titles that did really great, especially RE: Revelations.

My point is that this guy has been living under a rock! RE games have come out like crazy on Nintendo platforms and handhelds and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom was working on a new, exclusive, RE title for the Wii U.
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TheDivine  +   1212d ago
RE was at its pinnacle on the Gamecube. REmake, RE0, and RE4 (was supposed to be exclusive). Hopefully Revelations becomes a series on the 3ds (AMAZING game btw) and the REmakes go to wii-u.

I could see them being successful and pleasing everyone with a classic dd series. Main series (AAA console title), DD classic series (20 dollar arcade game), Revelations on handheld (mix of the two styles). A perfect trifecta of RE for every fan there is. That makes too much sense for Capcom though so expect nothing of the sort.
ozstar  +   1212d ago
You know what, there is something to be said about Nintendo quality control on 3rd party Nintendo exclusives tho.

Pity most of you are too ignorant and immature to admit it.

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