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GR: "In a world gone mad, one bit-sized hero can remind you of everything good the '80s and '90s had to offer. Let's head to Theftopolis for a… a… I wanna say Rampage."

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alexcosborn1833d ago

This one wan't on my radar AT ALL but now I might have to check it out.

doctorstrange1833d ago

Can't believe how long this game took to come out.

knifefight1833d ago

Loving those Wii-U graphics!

(It's a joooke don't kill me!)

MasterCornholio1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Yeah i love the fact that Nintendo has decided to make their new console as powerful as an NES.

What a bargain at 300$


OT: Im thinking about getting this game because it looks like fun and it contains the cross buy feature which is great because this would be a great title to play on the go and on my PS3 (like Pinball arcade for example).

GuruStarr781833d ago

Enjoying this game, its definitely got some old school difficulty, though.

JsonHenry1833d ago

That is one of the best things about this game to me. I forget how hard some of the games were when I was a kid. This game reminds me of that about every 10 minutes, hahahahaha. LOVE this game.

dbjj120881833d ago

Yeah, that's one of my favorite parts of the game. Gold medals are REALLY tough to get.

swansong1833d ago

I am enjoying this game. Oh and finally a patch for Resistance:BS. Fixes some online issues.

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