CVG: Army of Two co-op: Exclusive five minutes of footage

CVG writes: The whole idea of Army of Two is to play with your mate, and that's exactly what we did in a recent visit to EA. Come take a look.

With two 360s hooked up and two copies of the game loaded,CVG ploughed through a few of the earlier stages of the game, taking footage of the co-op shootouts for your sampling pleasures.

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Relcom3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

But this will be one of the worse games of 2008. It has some of the worst aiming and gameplay i've seen thus far. Also why do the bullet move so slow?

AngryHippo3450d ago

.....don't buy it then, problem solved.

mistertwoturbo3450d ago

No, you want to see worse? Look up "Conflict: Denied Ops" Now that game is piss poor.

This game actually looks decent, it's just whoever was playing was probably drunk or half retarded.

DrPirate3450d ago

Relcom is the only person with sense in this thread.

This game is terrible. The devs are idiots.

You'll all be eating crow when the reviews are released.

solar3450d ago

im so hoping this game is good enough to buy. a clanmate and i were anticipating this until it was delayed. im waiting for some reviews before i commit to it.

InMyOpinion3450d ago

Looks great! The dude playing it seemed more than mildly retarded.

mistertwoturbo3450d ago

i was thinking the exact same thing.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3450d ago

I was thinking noob but then again thats just the same thing.

zonetrooper53450d ago

Watch every game when its showed and you will see how retarded the people who actually made the game are at playing the damn thing lol. Its those level designers I tell you! =D

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