PlayStation Store New-Look Leverages HTML5, No Changes Made to ‘My Downloads’ List Yet

Sony has dished out more details on the PlayStation Store revamp scheduled to go live on October 17 in Europe. Of note: according to PlayStation Digital Platforms team member Morgan Haro, the redesigned store is built on HTML5.

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GribbleGrunger2051d ago

And here's some information you may have missed:

As the interface loads in over the background, there are just a handful of clear categories on the left hand side, What’s New, Games, Movies and TV. The rest of the screen is dominated by large hero images for featured games as before, taken from the What’s New section. The big difference is that rather than it refreshing seconds before you get to what you want to select, it stays put.

Here you can now scroll further to the right through an extended carousel of content, featuring a much larger selection of recent content for you to get at easily.

Each page of the carousel plays host to several items with one particular highlight taking over the full background, and some nice parallax effects shifting the content and images as you scroll across.

Scroll to the right or left and the next page peeks out from the side of the screen, and when you get to the end of what’s being highlighted it gives you options to continue browsing through related sections.

Beyond the major areas a wholly reworked system of content discovery has been implemented, starting off with a long list from such broad categories as All PS3 Games, Shooters and so on.

From here we will now have more granular filter and sorting options, so that you could narrow your browsing to only show PSN games, games that are lower than £10, those which feature online multiplayer, or even listed by user rating.

Alongside this we also have a simplified and much improved Search. Gone is the obstructive on-screen keyboard, which lead to obtuse and dumb search results. We now have a scrollable list of letters to choose from which is much happier with DualShock controller input, and features reductive input. Say you want to search for Journey, start picking letters ‘JOU’, and the search engine starts to remove letters from the list that would no longer apply, making the ‘R’ you need much more prominent and quicker to find.

Although maybe you won’t need to hit the ‘R’ at all. The search results live update after each letter input, with a selection of the most popular and best results for that string of letters at the top, followed by a full list of other content which features that particular letter set. It’s also smart enough to take into account misspelt searches and acronyms for games, such as MW3, ME3, GTA4 and so on.

More info, better presented.
Whichever route you take, once you find the content you’re looking for you’re taken to a game hub for that item.

If it’s add-on content, there’s always going to be a prominent image linking back to the parent title, with further related DLC further down the page. Whatever the title, there’s always a text box which expands to offer more details on request, and where there are images and videos linked to it, these will now be thumbnails that let us quickly drop into full screen images and streaming video.

Not to mention easily accessible game demos and full game trials from these hubs. It draws all of the relevant content into a single, easily navigable space.

One thing that was made clear during the presentation was that this is just the first step in a larger programme of changes. Here Sony wanted to get the core basics to the new design in place, with a whole host of further functionality yet to come over the coming months. Things like adding filters and sorting to the often painfully huge Download List which long term owners still have are on the list of things, much to many peoples’ delight, I’m sure.

DigitalRaptor2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Nice one Gribble. TheSixthAxis have done a good job describing the new features.

HTML5 though.. that can imply one of many things. This will easily allow their store to be cross-compatible on other devices including mobiles, and also will mean that Sony are able to FINALLY let us buy things on a PC. I can't count the amount of times I'd wanted to buy or activate something on the store through my browser, but had to wait to get home and connect with my PS3.

Something like that is long overdue. This whole interface/functionality upgrade is long overdue, but better late than never. Glad to see Sony is adapting to the digital market, because next gen, they cannot afford to be complacent at all. Some next gen strengths: Gaikai, PlayStation Mobile, a revamped network and OS, and first party studios. As long as they maintain a good working relationship with third parties, I think they are poised to be in a positive position for PS4.

GribbleGrunger2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Thanks. I couldn't get it all in but I think I got the important information in. This is the information that should be sitting at the top of the page, not those darned pictures (as nice as they were at the time). We need to get this to the top of the page so that people can be informed.

HTML5 also allows them to tinker with the site on the fly by the way :) The only downer is that Sony have said it's not coming to the Vita, although there was no suggestion it wouldn't eventually.

vividi2051d ago

I hope That is coming, awesome