Capcom About Reveals a New Fighting Title at NYCC SF 25th Anniversary Panel

Is Capcom going to reveal a new fighting game?

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RmanX10002016d ago

Street Fighter X Tekken Extreme Flame Super Turbo HHD Acade Ultra Pro Hot Wings With BBQ Sauce Times 9.1 Deluxe Commadore 64 Edition.
COMING JANUARY 1st 2013!!!!!

zerocrossing2015d ago

Nice! xD Knowing Capcom this could be a genuine game title!

Saturne32016d ago

A new Rival Schools would be sweet.

zerocrossing2015d ago

Whatever it is let it not be crap... Oh wait Capcoms making it...

Chrono2015d ago

Didn't they just announce Darkstalkers?

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