Need for Speed: Most Wanted video featuring multiplayer footage

EA released a new video for Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

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Godchild10201597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

In the middle of watching that Video I got a Gamestop Ad for Assassin's Creed. What a great way to cross promote 2 rival games that come out on the same day.

Need for speed looks real good and it looks like its in good hands. Open world is whats needed for NFS and not what we got last year.

Dropdeadll1597d ago

I got an Ad for MoH Warfighter

HammadTheBeast1597d ago

I don't get ads. Adblocker+

chak_1597d ago

Sites gets money from that. So yeah, you consult for free but you help them.

Adblocking isn't helping them at all.

AzaziL1597d ago

complaining about adblocker is like those a decade ago that complained about TiVo skipping commercials.

Ju1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Getting both (for vita that is, and AC3/PS3). But...why does this make me think about Burnout??? Criterion, eh?

Godchild10201597d ago

In reality it is Burnout, with a Need For Speed name.

Ju1597d ago

Yeah. Doesn't make sense to me. Now we have this "version" of NFS and than the "other" one which is called "Shift". Why is EA milking the "Need for Speed" brand so much? I loved Burnout. I'd rather call it by what it is. And it obviously is Burnout and not NFS. Weird. Anyway, glad we are getting another racer for the Vita.

profgerbik1597d ago

So many great Vita games come out this month.

C L O U D1597d ago

This "Burnout x Need For Speed" collaboration is going to be amazing...can't wait

GamingManiac1597d ago

It's just the most beautiful thing that has happened all year... :D

DeadlyFire1597d ago

I have yet to see the need for speed most wanted side of the game. Where are the coppers at?

faysal1597d ago

i think the opening cut scene was taken from vita. look at the opening video vs the rest it looks different.

JetsFool35001597d ago

Oh Lord This Game Is Gonna Be Bad Ass To Tha Max

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The story is too old to be commented.