Child Demands Pokemon At Gunpoint

Okay, I know that Pokemans are the source of everything good in the world, but this is going a bit too far.

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GodsHand3568d ago

I choose you, Airsoft Gun.

Silverwolf3568d ago

The Pokegun to be featured on the next Pokemon game

lodossrage3568d ago

is that this kind of stuff is happening on a regular basis, Kids beating up their parents for games. Kids committing grand larceny for game money. Parents fighting other parents over games.

The list goes on and on (ridiculous I know, but it's true).

Society is truly at its lowest point. Stuff like this is blatant proof of such.

UnblessedSoul3568d ago

Hand over all your pokemans

Tempist3568d ago

Aim threatening, but below the waist!

Never ever get caught shooting above the waist.

Personally I would have hit him with the butt of the gun had he not co-operated faster.