Top 5 Teams in Madden NFL 13 to Help You Win

While some Madden NFL players stick to their hometown teams, many choose a squad that gives them the best chance to win. If you are struggling early on, check out one of the teams recommended here.

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DarthJay2047d ago

The purpose of the article is to help you win.

lsujester2047d ago

No, Madden has it right. You get the Raiders, suck for a few seasons and rack up the good picks... THEN you can win.

Darkspade2047d ago

Funny how the 2 Undefeated Team aren't on the list.. Madden Sucks.. Packers can have an 0-16 season and they'll still be one of Maddens #1 rated teams...

Madden is only good because there is nothing else to compare it to...

lsujester2047d ago

In their defense, this is all based off of preseason expectations and statistics. Practically nobody expected Atlanta to be undefeated, while New Orleans and Green Bay struggled this much.

Darkspade2047d ago

I knew Atlanta was going 16-0 this year.. LOL

Yes Ture but that are what Updates are for...