GTA V blowout confirmed for next month with next Game Informer cover story

Game Informer's November 2012 issue was only published a few days ago, but the magazine's editor in chief has already confirmed the cover story for December.

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Prcko1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

OMG,finalllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy
Hype is back
30% atm

NYC_Gamer1631d ago

Its about time we get some fresh details

fuzion17c1631d ago

I'm currently playing GTAIV Complete Edition in preparation for GTAV!!!

irepbtown1631d ago

For the past; god knows how long, we've been reading rumors, speculations, all that kind of crap.

At least we know we'll get some real info in December. That's what counts!!!

ajax171630d ago

I guess 4 people don't want new details...

Scholla1631d ago

Exactly my sentiments.

blumatt1631d ago

I just hope the game is more like San Andreas and less like GTA 4. I want to be able to do all kinds of side missions and crazy stuff like skydiving and working out to gain more stamina. It was cool how in San Andreas you could get fat. LoL

I also hope they bring back controller cheat codes. Putting them in with that ingame cell phone sucked!!

I want my (r1 r2 l1 r2 left down up right left down up right) cheat codes back. I used to be able to put them in so fast it would slow my PS2 down to like 5 frames per second. Haha

Getowned1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

@ blumatt Iagree, I want it more like SA but with a bad ass vice city type story :P..

"I also hope they bring back controller cheat codes. Putting them in with that ingame cell phone sucked!! "

This is the only thing I dissagre with, I loved the cell phone having the cheats because I never had to put them in again, I loved summoning my helicopter it made the game so awesome flying everywhere in the helicopter XD ... I remember playing GTA online and jumping out of the heli just in time for it to crash into a building killing everyone LOL!!!!!!!! good times. The MP had so much potential. I can't wait for a new GTA game x_x!

Emilio_Estevez1631d ago

No argument here. Give us the details!

Christopher1631d ago

So, looks like a May release then.

FarCryLover1821631d ago

Probably, or March or April.

Christopher1631d ago

I say May because...

GTAIV - April 2008
RDR - May 2010
L.A. Noire - May 2011

I think they may have moved from April to May in their mid-year release schedule. And, this cover issue will be a good way to advertise their R* game bundle which in turn will help advertise GTAV over the months. Not that it really needs that much advertising to sell well.

FarCryLover1821631d ago

Yeah, there is a real good chance that it will come in May, don't forget Max Payne 3 in May 2012. But, poor ol' Max didn't sell nearly as well as LA Noire, GTA or RDR, so I think they may (or may not) try the April timeslot like GTAIV.

Dovahkiin1631d ago

People clearly read this comment, disagreed, read your logic in the later comment, and agreed. People are stupid.

BitbyDeath1631d ago

The first 5 months of 2013 is going to be crazy.
Possibly the biggest release of AAA games ever.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1630d ago

After the details are released prepare for a ton of articles like "5 Things I Think They Should Remove From The Game Before It's Released" and other completely retarded articles. Oh wait this is N4G so that's expected lol

Awesome_Gamer1630d ago


Can't wait man, i love this series.

showtimefolks1630d ago

i am excited but if you look at GTA 4 which was also on GI cover this is not as much a surprise as it was expection. One thing is after the cover blowout we will know more so all these fake leaks can stop

i been paying for GI but only few months actually got the magazine in mail lol. maybe next time i shouldn't renew just too lazy to take action lol

anyway hopefully GTA 5 will return to world of mayhem while still having a serious tone like GTA 3,vs and SA

i wish RS would release GTA hd collection i would be all over that

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ExoHazMatt1631d ago

Excellent. Game Informer's coverage is always top notch and this is a game I'm very much looking forward to.

Bring on the info!

crimsonfox1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Game Informer always has the GTA blow outs!I still have my Vice City world exclusive magazine too, I have my San Andreas one and my GTA 4 copy I can't wait to slam my face into this. GROVE STREET OG ON THA SET LOC!!! Let the sin...Begin

blue_cheese1631d ago

i feel like i should see a troll face at the end of this's to hoping its finally safe to get my hopes up! lol

rickybadman1631d ago

My body and reading glasses are ready

JAM_brz1631d ago

Starting Countdown here

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